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Ah, Riverdale, this show has had many up and downs, and it is only on its second show. Since the second season, this show has struggled to find a way to have a cohesive story. This show has had many ships break up and makeup way too quickly, a lazy black hood reveal, and many plot holes. The show has been renewed for a third season so what better way than to discuss five ways to fix Riverdale.


1.  Give Archie a Better Storyline

Archie this season has one of the worst storylines I have ever seen on TV, especially for the CW. The loveable music loving redhead that fans cared for in season one has become nothing more than Hiram Lodge’s lap dog. Ever since Archie dad, Fred Andrews got shot by the black hood he has been trying to make sure that Riverdale stays safe, but the thing is turning Archie into some wannabe mobster makes absolutely no sense. Archie, at the end of the day, should be a high schooler just trying to figure out if he should pursue music or have a football career while struggling to choose between Veronica and Betty.

2.  Get Rid of Dark Betty

Betty Copper being “Dark Betty” was a fascinating concept in season one and gave more characteristics to Betty than just being your typical girl next door. Dark Betty had the potential to talk about mental health issues that face many teenagers today, but no the Riverdale writers decided to go a different route. Now, Dark Betty is someone who gets on poles and strip teases for a bunch of men even though she is underage and becoming a cam girl. It’s sad that the writers decided to go down this route with dark betty so hopefully, they do something better with the nebulous betty concept in season 3 instead of just having wasted potential.

3. More Character Development for Other Characters

When the show got renewed for a second season, they announced that it would have 22 episodes which people were excited for because that would mean more screen time for other characters. However, that was not the case characters such as Josie, Kevin, Reggie, even Fred Andrews have been gotten little to no character development this season. Of course, they pop up every now in then, but none of them have gotten the character development they deserve, even though they have 22 episodes. Hopefully, the writers take the time to give these fantastic characters.

4. Stop Burning Through Storylines

Riverdale biggest problem to me it that burns through storylines so quickly there is entirely no build up to anything that happens on this show.    In season one, Jug head did not like that his dad was a part of the South Side Serpents now in season two he joins the serpents and is all of a sudden is their leader after like two episodes. The same goes for Archie’s storyline about hating the Lodges for using his dad to loving them in the same episode. Even Cheryl’s weird obsession with Josie is brushed over quickly as she develops a romance with Toni Topaz. If the Riverdale writers could slow down and take the time to write a well-thought storyline, it could keep the audiences interested in the show without having them scratching their heads as to why characters personalities are continually changing.

5. Cut the Episodes from 22 to 16

I think the biggest problem with Riverdale is that just has way too many episodes. In season one they had 13 episodes which can the writers time to have a cohesive storyline. 22 episodes are way too many episodes to try to make a good storyline that is easy to follow and doesn’t get all jumble with filler episodes. Now, that they are renewed for season 3 I hope the CW sees this and cuts the number of episodes from 22 to at least 16 which most shows have.




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