5 Spring Break Destinations Other Than Panama City

Panama City, Florida is always the number one destination for Spring Break every year. College students from near and far travel to Panama City for a fun and safe vacation with friends. Some college students even go to get away from the same people they see 5 days a week. Yet, you still end up seeing everyone you know and then some. We all want to go somewhere fun, but we all know since we’re in college, we’re ballin’ on a budget. We want to go somewhere that’s safe, that’s most important. So we’ve gathered 5 Spring Break destinations that you’ll have the most absolute and affordable fun. Here’s where you should go for Spring Break 2016:


Tampa, FL

Oh how I love Tampa, Florida. Just an 8 ½ hour drive from campus will have you in what’s Tampa known for, affordability. According to USA Today, Tampa has the perfect beaches. At Clearwater beach, you can swim, kayak, and fish. Tampa is also the perfect Spring Break destination for couples! Watch the sunset with bae on the sandy beach while watching the beautiful dolphins that visit Clearwater often.


Daytona Beach, FL

If you’re a little more on the cheap side, like some of us are, Daytona Beach is just the Spring Break spot for you. At an equal driving distance as Tampa, Daytona Beach has numerous free things to do and see. Open sunrise to sunset, you can visit Sun Splash Park! They have volleyball courts, picnic areas, and free off-beach parking. While catching a free concert in Daytona Beach, you can also check out their free museums and botanical gardens.  

Myrtle Beach, SC

If you’re looking for a slight shorter drive, you might want to head to Myrtle Beach, SC. Just 7 ½ hours from campus lies relaxation and peace. Myrtle Beach has it all! From shopping to fun, exciting attractions, MyrtleBeach is definitely somewhere different to visit for Spring Break. Have fun taking a pottery class or even going through the safari on a Jeep tour. Into sports? What about watersports?! Take on the ocean on kayaks, banana boats, and take scuba diving lessons any time of the day. Myrtle Beach even has Family Kingdom Amusement Park featuring 35 thrilling rides. Best. Spring. Break. Ever!

 Savannah, GA

Looking for a spot that isn’t going to have crowds and crowds of people? Welcome to Savannah, Georgia! It’s a short 5 hour drive from campus. Savannah is known to have a rich history and mixture of culture and amazing nightlife. Savannah is definitely the perfect place for a group of quiet introverts, who want to get out of Birmingham for a week. According to College USA Today, Savannah has one of the oldest cathedrals in the United States. Cool right? Another interesting fact is that you can go on riverboat tours, touring the in’s and out’s of the Savannah. 

 Stone Mountain Park, Georgia 

For all my people who do not like driving, our shortest trip, being only a 2 hour drive is Stone Mountain Park, just fifteen miles from A-town (Atlanta). Check out all of Stone Mountain’s naturalistic attractions while enjoying sky rides and countless beautiful scenery. Stone Mountain offers many attractions, shopping centers, shows, and entertainment. Beat all your friends in miniature golf while waiting to experience Rio in 4-D