5 Moods During Midterms Week

1. "Already over it." 

Midterms can really be a drag, and sometimes professor's don't realize we've already gone through a lot by the time we reach this point in the semester. Needless to say, you may already be over midterms before they even begin! 

2. "This is fine. Everything is fine."

Midterms week might seem like a surprise attack when you're juggling a million and one things, but we all know someone who insists everything is fine even when their world is in shambles. 

3. "I work best under pressure anyway."

 When it's time to study for midterms... procrastination is the enemy. You keep telling yourself you work better under pressure, but when you have 3 exams and a paper due in the same week it's not that easy.  

4. "Wait...when did we go over this?" 

The worst feeling during midterms week is finally getting to the exam to find that you don't recognize the material. It really makes you regret the times you skimmed through a reading or skipped that 8 A.M. to sleep in. 

5. "I got this!" 

Of course, your mood during midterms week doesn't have to always be negative. Sometimes you just know you're going to kill it, and even if you don't, positive affirmations can help boost your morale for the week.