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5 Fun Things to do on Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and you probably don’t have a single thing planned, am I right? Yep, I knew it. Your twenties are kind of weird, you’re too old to go Trick or Treating so you’re probably wondering what’s there to do right? Well, in case you are here are a few fun things you can do for Halloween this year.


1. Haunted House/Farm/Hayride

  • Always the best thing to do if you need a little scare and fun for the month of October. I’m sure they’re even better on Halloween night!

2. Pumpkin Patch

  • All of the food, candy, and activities you can wish for!! Also its never too late to get a pumpkin, right?

3. Halloween Party

  • Whether it’s just you and some friends or a big costume party. Go out and enjoy yourself in super cute costumes!

4. Trick or Treating

  • Yeah, I know you’re in college and we’re “too old to go Trick or Treating” but really who cares! Get a group of your friends together, get costumes and go trick or treating! How fun would that be?!

5. Stay at home & watch Halloween movies

  • If you’re a homebody like me or you just need a chill night, grab some popcorn and your favorite snacks and just have a night of Binge watching all of your favorite Halloween movies. 

Whether you choose to go out or stay at home for Halloween you’re sure to have a good time! Everybody’s idea of fun is different right?


Happy Halloween, HCXO!!

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