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Here’s five fun recipies for Halloween and the Fall season. These recipies are easy to follow and guaranteed to make you feel immersed in the spirit of Halloween.

1. Caramal Apples 

Caramal Apples are the staple of the fall season, and I wanted to share one of my favourite recipies to use when I make them at home. 


2. Pumpkin Seeds

Carving pumpkin’s a such a fun Fall activity and this recipie lets you take advantage of the seeds you might normally discard. 


3. Mac-O-Lantarns 

This is a fun recipie I stumbled upon on the Food Network website. This recipie is so fun and a perfect appatizer for any Halloween parties you might be hosting this Fall. 


4. Haunted Gingerbread House

While traditionally gingerbread houses are for the winter season, but why not branch out and make yourself a haunted gingerbread house. This is a super fun thing to do with family or with a group of friends. Get yourself a gingerbread house kit, some spooky candy treats and have a blast. 


5. Vampire Red Velvet Cupcakes 

This is the last spooky treat you may want to branch out and create this Fall. It takes a traditional red velvet cupcake and adds a spooky twist. 



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