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5 Easy Ways to Get Organized

Finals week is quickly approaching! All semester you have thrown papers here and there, forgotten important dates, and stressed about when you take what final and where. The last two weeks of the semester are the most crucial. You have no idea where anything is or what you should be studying first. Here are 5 easy ways to stay organized and sane while knocking out these last few weeks of school.

Grab Some Folders

How many classes do you have? Grab the amount of folders you need for each class, all of them each being a different color. Now grab a black sharpie and write the course name for each class on its own individual folder. As we continue to go to class, professors are going to be handing out some important information. You might get a study guide for your final, an informational about more classes they will teach in the fall, a review of the class sheet, and maybe even some homework assignments. These folders will help you keep up and stay organized with all of the crucial and important information you need staying focus leading up to finals. 

Make A Cleaning List

You and your roommate might already have a cleaning list! Whoop whoop! Good for y’all! But for all my gals who started out with one at the beginning of the semester and has failed now, listen up. You’re almost never going to be in your dorm during finals. Sterne library is your new home. As you come back and forth though you might throw a few dishes in the sink there, miss the trash can a couple times here, and before ya know it when it times to pack to go home, you have the mother of all messes in your dorm. Avoid all of this by staying organized with creating a chores chart specfically for the week of finals. After you come from studying or between classes, schedule for you and your roommates to tidy up here and there. Tracy takes the dishes Monday, you take the trash Wednesday, and Thursday, Darcy cleans out the fridge. A clean dorm is a happy dorm.

Keep An Energy Bag

Don’t forget your laptop charger! Keep up with your phone charger! Never lose or forget a charger while studying for finals again while keeping an energy bag. An energy bag is a bag containing every single charger that you own. If you think you need it, put it in your energy bag. Iphone charger, ipad charger, and laptop charger. Who wants to go all the way back to their dorm just for a charger?

Prepare a Nightly Routine

When I was little my Mom had me to do a set of discrete things before bed so in the morning before school, things would be so hectic. If you don’t want to be running like a chicken with her head cut off during finals week, I suggest you prepare a nightly routine. Before bed, get organized and put everything in your bookbag, energy bag, and/or purse and place it by the door. In the morning you won’t have to worry about, “Where’s my charger?! Where’s my binder?! Where’s my bag?!” It’s all by the door dear. Just get dressed and walk out. 

Create a Daily Schedule

You have to be where, when? Girl write that mess down! Our brains are always ahead of us on twenty different topics the weeks before finals. It’s probate season. There are so many events we look forward to going to and being apart of. How can we keep up? Write out in a Word document or on a sheet a paper (that you would keep in your folders) everything you have to do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Be sure to include when you’re suppose to be studying and for how long. Microbiology 2 p.m. Study at Sterne 4 p.m. Soroity event 7 p.m. Save yourself the stress girl. 

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