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4 Ways to Celebrate Women’s History This Month


In 1987, Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month in honor of focusing on the remarkable achievements of American women. Last year the second Women’s March was held in Washington, D.C, several women such as actresses and athletes, stood up to sexual harassment against women launching the MeToo Movement, Beyonce was the first African American woman to headline at Coachella, and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez won a seat in Congress making her the youngest woman ever elected. Though celebrating women’s accomplishments is essential no matter what month, there are ways you can participate in this crucial month to help empower your self and other women.

1. Lift up other girls and women  In this society, women have to deal with sexism, gender bias, fighting over reproductive rights, wage gap and body image. As women its vital that we support and lean on each other when society continues to put these unfair obstacles upon us. Women should never look to tear each other down; instead, we should lend a helping hand to one another because that only makes us stronger.

2.  Accept other women including yourself for being different and unique 

Every woman is different. Women come from all different backgrounds whether it’s a separate culture, lifestyle or physical appearance none of us are the same. However, women are told to strive to be the “perfect woman.” When we attempt to be something we are not we often fall into the trap of reaching for an ideal image that is unattainable. There is no such thing as the “perfect woman,” and once we start to accept ourselves for who we are, our self-love begins to flourish. 

3. Be A Role Model The best way to empower women is by being a role model for the next generation. Being a role model does not mean who have to be perfect all the time. People want you to show your flaws and mistakes made throughout your life so they can relate to you. Be vulnerable. Be kind-hearted. Be independent. Be tough. Let this new generation of young girls have someone to look up to it can make a change in girls’ lives. 

4. Invest in women owned businesses

Recently Yelp introduced a new feature that would help customers find a women-owned business. This new feature makes it easier to help support incredible women who are helping fuel our economy and also helping inspire many females to become entrepreneurs.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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