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15 Things To Do If You Are Single at 20

Being single is never a bad thing. You just have to learn how to love yourself and appreciate time by yourself. So to begin, here is a list of a few things you could do in order to enjoy the single life. Although, it doesn’t stop there; there is so much more than what is on this list. So you do you, and everything will fall into place.

  1. Go to lunch by yourself: first step to being okay about being single is to learn how to be by yourself. It’s okay to feel awkward, but it will eventually get better and you might just enjoy that alone time. 
  2. Treat yo self: buy ice cream, a new outfit, do whatever you want!
  3. Make a new friend, of the opposite sex: sometimes in a relationship you miss out on having friends of the opposite sex, but they can honestly be the best of friends, so try it out!
  4. Go out: you have no one telling you not to do things anymore so go out, let loose, and have fun!
  5. Use crazy pickup lines: everyone loves a good laugh, plus it’ll be a good way to find people with a similar sense of humor. 
  6. Get a tinder: who doesn’t want to look at beautiful people without making a commitment? Plus, you never know who you’ll meet on there. 
  7. Focus on what makes you happy: you are not having to worry about anyone but yourself right now, and that’s a load of stress of your life. So for once, focus on yourself and make sure you’re happy. 
  8. Spend time with the girls: who cares about boys when you have a fierce and fun girl squad. 
  9. Drink a whole bottle of wine: because why not. 
  10. Try something new: do something you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t or didn’t have the time to. 
  11. Travel: what better time to travel than now when you have no one else to worry about.
  12. Get a tattoo: because tattoos are awesome and you have no one telling you not to. 
  13. Change your hair: new hair who this? Changing your hair means you are moving on!
  14. Worry about yourself: like I said before, only worry about yourself and you will be so much less stressed. 
  15. Visit family: because now you can do whatever you want, and when you find a partner in the future you will have to split up your time between families, so visit yours as much as you can now. 
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