10 Signs Syllabus Week is Over


We've been in school for officially a month now. The rush of being back on campus and the constant free food is done with. By this point you have already had your first major test or assignment, or you're preparing for one. Syllabus week is definetly over, and here's how you know. 

  1. You contemplate skipping class.

  2. You actual skip class to do work for another class.

  3. You assignments start piling up and you officially feel stressed. Is it too early for a mental breakdown?

  4. Procrastination sneaks in.

  5. You've resulted to wearing t-shirts & Nike shorts.

  6. You notice your nights are spent in Sterne.

  7. Your to do list grows and never ends. 

  8. You forget an assignment.

  9. You're already looking forward to the next break. Really, when is fall break? Do we even have one?

  10. Your intake level of caffeine and or red bull has increased.