10 Movies for a Girls Night-In

We all have that one Saturday night every once in a while where we just want to hang with the girls. We want to discuss our love lives, do our nails, and just relax in our Victoria Secret PJs. Not to mention bumping a few jams while escaping from our huge course load. The best way to chill with your girls is to pop some popcorn, order some pizza, and watch a marathon of movies. From chick flicks to comedies and action films, here's 10 movies for your next Girls Night In. 

1. Frozen

How could you ever go wrong with Disney? Sing along to all your favorite songs with all of your besties! Let it go! Let it all go!

2. Love Jones

Hit up Girls Night with a true classic. Usually with a love story like this, you'll want to watch it with your beau. But sometimes you just have to get your girls together, and watch beautiful love stories like this one. Be sure to grab the tissues!

3. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman, walking down the street. Take it back to the 90s with this unforgettable romance. He took her from being somone on the streets to a beautiful, confident woman. And let's not forget the beyond romantic ending. Every girl's dream is to have her own knight and shining armor ;)

4. Dear John

Okay. If you didn't shed a tear after this movie, you're one tough cookie to crack. How could you not be moved by this movie?! Perfect chick flick for a girls night in. 

5. Catwoman

Yes! Halle did that! Tired of the romantic movies? Here's a feminine feline action movie for ya! Explore your inner catwoman abilites while watching this film. Amongst your girls, who could slay the cat walk the best?

6. The Best Man

Drama and comedy all mashed up to one. Harper. Harper Stewart. Who hasn't he slept with? If your girls enjoy this one, check out the sequel, The Best Man: Holiday

7. Bridesmaids

Because let's face it, we're all going to be bridesmaids one day. Hopefully none of the planning turns out as hectic and hilarious as this one did. 

8. The Proposal

It's a girl's dream to marry her rich employee. Ha! Said no girl ever. But I guess if you're about to get deported, it's for the best. Sandra Bullock will always be #goals.

9. Pitch Perfect

Remember when everyone couldn't stop saying "aca-" in front of every word? So annoying at first, but then you watch Pitch Perfect a thousand times and suddenly it happens. 

10. Waiting to Exhale

A movie every woman needs to watch. Take a look at how 4 fierce women overcame something that men thought would break them. Plus, the soundtrack is poppin'!