10 Items Every Girl Needs In Her Purse

Do you have everything you need in your bag? There is one thing that I simply do not leave the house without, and that's my purse. An entire woman's life is inside her Coach crossbody bag, her Michael Kors sachel, or her Kate Spade tote. Whether you're the type of woman that has over a dozen purses or you're the type that just stick to one fabulous bag, you must have the essentials in whatever bag you choose to rock. Never leave the house without making sure that these 10 things are in your bag!

1. Tissues

Darn you allergies! You're sneezing here, you're coughing there. Germs. Germs. Germs. It is imperative that you always keep a bag of tissues in your purse. This essential not only benefits you, but your classmates or a random stranger who doesn't know how to cover their mouth. Let's not begin to think of the time we sit down to eat, and we forgot to grab some napkins. Do you really want to get all the way back up just to go get some napkins? Didn't think so. Head straight to your purse, grab those tissues, and enjoy your meal girl. 

2. Sunglasses

The sun is everywhere girl! Who wants to scrunch up their face everytime they're trying to cross the street? Keep a pair of sunglasses with you. Be sure to choose an all black or neutral color so each time you choose to wear them, it goes perfectly with whatever you're wearing. 

3. Lip gloss/Lip Balm

Don't drink enough water as you should? Nine times out of ten your lips are going to be dry all the time. Who wants dry lips on a lunch date with your crush? Hello, no one! So keep some of your favorite lip gloss or lip balm in your purse at all times. Never take it out for any reason, and if you do please make sure you put it back. Been there, done that! Here's my signature lip gloss! Check it out at the CVS adjacent from Blount Hall or at your local Wal-Greens. 

4. Compact Mirror

Unless you're a makeup guru, you probably can't put on lip gloss without looking in the mirror. Is it actual on your lips or did too much get on the outside? Aside from getting your lips on fleek, what's that green stuff in your teeth? No one is going to tell you there's something in your eye, or better yet, a booger in your nose. Keep a compact mirror honey! You'll thank me later!

5. Gum

Breath check! Oooo, probably shouldn't have had that burger for lunch. Don't go to class with your breath on stank mode. Just pop some gum, and have your breath minty fresh. You never know who you're going to meet, and most importantly, you'll never know who might need the gum more than you do. 

6. Extra Pair of Earrings

I swear every once in a while, I leave the house and don't have on any earrings! I hate this! I am making it apart of the girl handbook, never leave the house without earrings. For those days where you forget, keep a neutrul pair in your purse that would be sufficent for any occasion. 

7. Rubber Bands/Hair Ties

Listen. Buy a whole bag of rubber bands or hair ties. and just throw them in your purse. That way if you lose one, because you will, you'll have plenty more left in your bag. If I had a dollar for every hair tie I have lost, I wouldn't be writing this article. 

8. Pads/Tampons

Our period sometimes like to surprise us. Surprise I'm one day early! Surprise I'm one day late! Be prepared for the unexpected when it comes to mother nature. Be sure to always have at least 3 pads or tampons in the zip portin of your purse or handbag. Mother nature can be a real you know what, so let's always be prepared for when she wants to make her entrance. 

9. Brush/Comb

Just because the wind doesn't always like our hair. 

10. Phone Charger

I have a phone charger particularly for my purse. Call me crazy, but my phone never goes dead. If I take the same charger I use at home in my purse, my charger would be lost. The extra $20 to buy anextra charger will be well worth it my darling.