Why You Need This Girl Band in Your Life RN

Back in March when I was at a COIN show in Denver, I found an amazing band called The Aces. To be honest, I didn't look into any openers beforehand, so I had no idea what I was about to witness. It was when the lights went up and the openers walked out that I realized it was an all-girl band, a four-piece, to be exact. Literally every member was female, and they all had their own style. Immediately, I was interested, because I've seen plenty of female-fronted bands, or groups of a couple girls, but not a single band that is completely female. Okay, maybe The Dixie Chicks, but hey, it's been awhile, that's all I'm saying.

The frontwoman was tatted up and tomboyish, with a drummer that had pink scrunchies and a mostly all pink outfit, a bassist with a boho-Coachella style and a guitarist with a more business-professional look to her outfit. They were all different and I honestly didn't know what they were about to sound like with such an eclectic look. I had a little bit of a hint in the fact they were opening for COIN, who is definitely more pop, but there are mix genre shows all the time, so I thought maybe they'd be something totally left field.

When they opened their set, it was definitely pop, upbeat and so fun I couldn't help but dance even though I didn't know a single song. They were contagious in their energy and great sound. Not to mention, seeing a female play the drums was speaking to my childhood heart-I've always wanted to be a drummer, but I blame lack of opportunity. 

Their set was amazing, from start to finish and since that day, I've been jamming The Aces on a monthly basis, at least. They've become one of my favorite new discoveries of 2018, and I would highly recommend them to anyone reading this because not only are they a group of literal *badass* females, but they have catchy, energetic pop music that isn't the cookie cutter, radio replayed songs. They have a bit of an alternative sound to them, reminiscent of COIN, to be honest, but they make it all their own. Not to mention, their debut album (which just came out this year, BTW) has a song for everyone. If you need a break-up ballad to cry-sing to in the car, "Just Like That" is your track. Need something to dance to? "Stay." Totally in love? "Volcanic Love" or "Lovin' is Bible." Seriously-the album is worth the listen. 

Most importantly, it's so cool to see an all-girl group totally killing the music game in 2018. I know its been done before, but these ladies are around our age and are KILLING it. They just wrapped a tour with 5 Seconds of Summer and they're gaining so much traction, fast. I think it's amazing to see not only a girl band crush pop music, but to see them succeeding in being themselves. Each member has their own identity, you can see it in their stage presence, and even their Instagram pages. Their individuality makes them that much more admirable. 

So, if you want one more artist to squeeze into your 2018 playlists (and carry into 2019, of course) check out The Aces. They won't disappoint, and at the very least, will make you feel empowered.