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Why I Decided To Chop My Hair Off And Dye It White


I had been wanting to dye my hair for quite a while when I called up my hairdresser to make an appointment. I was committed to at least do one thing when I saw my hairdresser; to at least cut my hair short. I had tossed around the thought of dyeing my hair platinum, but I was only half committed to that idea. As I went to my appointment, I decided that I would just do it all. It was the beginning of the summer and I had three months to fix it if I did not like it. 

It turned out that I loved the result. As usual, my hairdresser did an amazing job. I was worried about the growing out process, but as it was growing out it turned into a very fashionable color. It was darker at the roots, and it grew out great. People were incredibly surprised but they all had good things to say, even my dad! Though I was mistaken for an old lady, multiple times. I found it more funny than not. I kept working but throughout the summer, I became increasingly obsessed with cutting my hair even shorter. 

I was sick of my hair and I told all my friends as I made my next appointment, that I was going to chop it off. Again, I had to make the decision to dye it platinum, or let it continue to grow out. As I walked into my appointment, I not only decided to dye it again, but dye it pink as well! I was very happy with the cut and color, and this time got it cut pixie short. 

The pink has since faded out back into white but it looks great. My roots are again starting to show, but I think I am ready to let go of the platinum. I am very happy that it is short and I have so much less hair to deal with. I am very interested to see the growing out process of both the cut and color, but I know I will probably have to cut my own bangs, which I learned to do during quarantine. 

I decided to dye it platinum because I needed something completely different with my hair. I was sick of it being long, which I took care of twice. I wanted to dye my hair, since I had only dyed it twice before this in my life. I wanted to try it because I was young and I really had nothing to lose. If I did not like it, it would simply grow out, not that I have long hair to begin with. If you want to dye your hair, I would highly recommend it. This is a treat myself because it is so expensive especially with the upkeep. If you want to do something fun and different with your hair, go for it!

I am the current co-correspondent of the University of Wyoming! I spend my time reading lots of historical information, cooking, going out with my friends, and eating ice cream. I am a history major and my plans are to attend grad school to be a public librarian!
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