Why Daryl from the Walking Dead is the Best. Ever.

Last month, I made the best (and worst) decision of my life. Within the weeks to follow, I was addicted to The Walking Dead, and I have just finished it on Netflix.


I’m not the biggest fan of zombie movies or shows; I try to avoid them as much as I can. However, after hearing good things about The Walking Dead and being peer-pressured into watching it, I gave in.


If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be addicted to Daryl Dixon. He’s pretty much my spirit animal.


But really.


(Spoilers ahead)


1. His backstory made me cry.

Daryl grew up with his brother, Merle, in an abusive home, and he was always the weaker of the two.


2. He’s a total badass.



3. He’s more sensitive than you think.

Yes. He’s a total badass, but he cares about everyone in his group.


4. Carol and Daryl are the two best friends you need.

After losing Sophia, the two grew close, and throughout the show they are always there for each other.


5. His skills with a crossbow are A+.

My spirit animal.


6. The bromance between Daryl and Rick is stellar.


7. He doesn’t give in when The Saviors capture him.

Ugh. Heartbreak. But he did a great job escaping.


8. He’s like a protective older brother.

To literally everyone.


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