What You and Your S.O. Should Be Eating on Valentine's Day


Every year on Valentine’s day I’m sure it feels like there is only the usual go out to a restaurant, flowers, chocolate, and then go home for some snuggling with your significant other. But hear me out, there are still some fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s day with food. Of course if you’re single this Friday, you can always go and get yourself some delicious food and celebrate loving you!  Hopefully this helps you gain some inspiration!


Cheeto-Rito Nancy Gao / Spoon

Sushi is a great way to share some food with the cutie in your life. It is easy to split between people and mix and match different rolls so you can try different flavors too. I think that it is intimate to share food off the same plate with someone without utensils being all up in the food. The environment is usually really nice too and having a more secluded booth can help you both feel the hearts associated with Valentine’s day. 

A Picnic

Picnic Donuts Amy Cho / Spoon

A picnic is always cute, am I right? Thinking of the food and drink that your partner would enjoy and finding a beautiful setting to enjoy it with them, is soo romantic. Especially if you time it just right for the sunset, it could be a scene out of a movie. Your partner will appreciate the effort you put into choosing things they like, and you like, and taking them to a place where you can enjoy each other’s company. Toss in some champagne or sparkling juice and bam, a beautiful occasion for beautiful people. Plus, it probably won’t be overly crowded if you’re in a place where you can have a picnic outside. If you can’t have one outside, maybe setting up a little romantic setting in your apartment is just as cute.

Homemade Nachos

Now I know homemade nachos is not the first food to come to mind, but hear me out. You can customize with different toppings, maybe yours on one half and your S.O.’s on the other if you have different tastes. Or you could break it up into flavors like chicken, beef, cheese. Plus what is more romantic than sharing a delicious plate of nachos with your partner while watching a movie? Or better yet, take them with you on your picnic. 

A Decadent Dessert 

Photo courtesy of Food Network Kitchen

To top it off, enjoy a rich, decadent dessert. I know this is cliche, but sometimes it’s cliche for a reason. Get a brownie with ice cream, a lava cake, cheesecake, or maybe even just the centers of cinnamon rolls. It is totally up to you, but if you’re into it, it can set the mood for the rest of the evening. If that’s not your thing, then it can put you both into the mood for some cuddling and a heart over your heads. 

Enjoy the love this Valentine’s day!