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What it’s Like Going to College with Your BFF Since Kindergarten

Freshman year of college is where you can meet new people, try new things, and test the waters of life. Unless you’re the dynamic duo of Hailee and Sophie. In that case, you stick to the things you’ve known since kindergarten.

-First Grade Class Photo-Christmas

So, what is it like to go to college with your best friend since kindergarten? Let us tell ya. You never leave each other’s sides, physically or otherwise. We cannot go a day without texting each other and if one or the other doesn’t respond within 15 seconds you can expect multiple texts about getting old, dying, or getting osteoporosis. It sounds like a pretty clingy relationship, but tbh it’s pretty dope.

-Same day, but more accurate

Sure, we’ve made a few new friends here in Laradise, but we will always be each other’s #1 when it comes to rant sessions (especially the rants concerning our new friends). And the best part about the rant sessions is that we are usually ranting about the same things such as classes, Hotline Bling, getting into medical school, and *cough cough* the male patriarchy.

We hang out at least once a day, whether that’s a meal at Washakie, a movie night, or a workout session. Workouts are especially fun because it is not frowned upon to complain the entire time. Gotta get swole af, so we might as well get swole af together.

Another totally rad thing is that we’re both pursuing careers in the medical field. What does this mean? Homework and study sessions together. Also, the occasional cry fest over the fact that med school is hella difficult to get into.

When we drive the four and a half hours to get home, there’s no arguments about music. That’s something sort of hard to find. Especially since we listen to some weird stuff. There’s no argument about stopping at Starbucks, or stopping half an hour later to go to the bathroom. We have weak bladders, and that is something that hasn’t changed since kindergarten. The constant screaming during the trip is also considered normal. The constant screaming any time ever is considered normal for us.

Sophie: I do have an issue with Hailee. I haven’t been able to drink red Kool-Aid since kindergarten. Every day we would have some kind of snack with red Kool-Aid. One fateful day, Hailee puked. Everywhere. It was all animal crackers and red Kool-Aid. After that incident, I have never been able to drink that nasty Hailee puke.


Hailee: So that’s all of the weird, funny crap we do together, but on a real note, I don’t know what I would do without my Lilgingie. In the middle of sixth grade she moved away from Buffalo and we weren’t able to talk for 3 ½ years. It was rough. She thankfully moved back to B-Town our sophomore year. We had second period P.E. together. Honestly, it was like she had never left. Even though we hadn’t talked to each other in forever, everything was still the same. We still made stupid jokes, we still made complete fools of ourselves, and Sophie still couldn’t drink red Kool-Aid. Throughout the rest of highschool we didn’t hang out much, like, we had classes together, but we never really spent that much time together outside of those classes. Then came college, and I honestly have no idea what I’d do without her. I’ve never really been one to go out and make friends easily, but I knew that I didn’t want to hang out with all of the same people from Buffalo. Thankfully, there was Sophie. We know almost everything about each other. I love how, even after 13 years, nothing has changed and we still love each other so much.

Sophie: Vomit story aside, Hailee is pretty dope. We’ve been friends since the second day of kindergarten. There were a few years in between where we didn’t talk a lot, but it was okay. We were still friends, and we didn’t need to talk to each other to know that. (See the cool plaque thing she got me as a moving away present.)

It does seem a little strange to still hang out with the same person that you were having play-dates with 13 years ago. However, it’s also one of the best experiences of my life. Now, we’ve grown as people, and it’s been so cool to see how far we’ve come. College has been completely different, and our relationship is completely different too. It’s been in a good way. On one hand, we can have totally adult conversations about society, but at the same time make really dumb “your mom” jokes. I love that we can go check our museums and concerts together. I love that we can go to “How to Get Into Med School” workshops together. I love how we can just hang out in a room and not do anything at all and still have a good time. It’s been amazing getting to know my best friend again throughout high school, and even more now that we’re constantly together. Going to college with my best friend since kindergarten has been one of the most best things I have ever done.










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