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There is no doubt the past two years have been a disaster due to Covid, and finally, life has more normalcy again. I have a lot to be thankful for, especially after the pandemic. I’ve realized I took a lot for granted, so the pandemic was a reality check. Here’s what I’m thankful for this year:

I’m thankful for… my roommates and my boyfriend. They’ve helped me with my struggles with depression during the past year. Social isolation was not good for my mental health, but luckily, I wasn’t alone, and I could talk to them about how I was feeling. Laramie is already a small town, so being trapped inside made it even worse. I became much closer with them, and I consider them to be my Wyoming family :).

I’m thankful for… my parents and my brother as well. I have had many facetime calls with them about how unhappy I was, and they always made me feel better. I also became much closer with them throughout the pandemic; being stuck at home with your family for six months made that happen. But I’m also thankful I had that experience because my freshman year of college, I didn’t call home as much as I should’ve, so I’m happy I talk to them more now.

I’m thankful for… my college experience so far. Of course, it hasn’t been the traditional experience, but I’ve still enjoyed it. I’ve had fantastic professors, and my classes have (for the most part) been good. I know I’ve grown a lot as a person in the last few years. I’m much more confident and willing to try new things; I know college has helped a lot with that.

I’m thankful for… the good Netflix shows that kept me going through the semester this year. I’ve watched You, Criminal Minds, Dirty John, and the new season of American Horror Story. I highly recommend them all.

I’m thankful for… coffee. No explanation is needed.

I’m thankful for… the holiday season. I think this is the happiest part of the year with friends and family. I love decorating for the holidays too. My apartment was filled with Halloween decor, and now it’s filled with Christmas decor. So sorry, Thanksgiving, I don’t decorate for you. I still appreciate the holiday, though!

Thanks for reading what’s made my year!

Elena Stewart

U Wyoming '23

I am a Junior at the University of Wyoming, and I’m majoring in English. I love to listen to music, spend time with friends and family, and watch crime tv.
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