Things to do When It's Cold AF in Laramie

If you've lived here in Laramie long enough, you know it can get so cold during our long winters. Sometimes, it's super frustrating when you want to have fun rather than hitting the books, but you aren't 21 and can't go to the bars, or you just don't know what to do that's not outdoorsy. I love hiking and adventuring nearby in Vedauwoo or Medicine Bow, but sometimes, the cold is just not what you're in the mood for. Thankfully, there's a lot to do around here when it's absolutely freezing and if you need some ideas, keep reading.

1. Bowling

Laramie has a bowling alley on 3rd and it's honestly so much fun to rally up some friends and spend a couple hours playing a some games of bowling. Not only is it inside where it's nice and warm, it's cheap too! It's only a few bucks per person for one game, so grab a couple friends, get out of the dorm or your apartment and compete for the highest score. If you want to raise the stakes of competition, make the loser buy ice cream or fries at Dairy Queen across the street.

2. Shows at The Union Gardens

In case you didn't know, every Thursday downstairs in the Union, there are free shows for students from various musical acts. Though you have to be 21 to get into The Gardens, there are tables around the outside for you to see and hang out if you aren't of age just yet. These shows are super fun and are always an easy way to go out for the evening for some live music inside. Pete's Game Room is also right there, so you can always go play some air hockey or pool while you're at it.

3. Coffee and Board Games

Nothing says cozy like a nice hot cup of coffee and playing some board games. Thankfully, coffee shops like Night Heron and Coal Creek offer both of these things. Coffee shops have such a peaceful and friendly atmosphere, so it's a great way to get away from studying and chat with friends while playing Scrabble. I would definitely try it if you haven't yet.

4. Take a class at Half Acre

Almost every day, the campus gym has yoga, pilates or zumba for students to attend. Getting active can not only warm you up from the cold outside, but it can also act as a great de-stressor from schoolwork. If classes aren't your thing, there's also the rock climbing wall, pool and basketball court, or you can just workout on your own on the treadmills or the weights. Regardless of your choice, it will be worth it!

5. Check WyoCal for Various Events

If you aren't sure what you want to do and want a variety of options, you can always check WyoCal at for any and every event on campus. From comedy night to movie night and kung fu classes, WyoCal has a ton of ways to spend your free-time and usually they're free of charge! I highly recommend looking through the calendar to see what grabs your interest!

6. Paint Pottery

Right across from Coal Creek downtown is the pottery studio, Art & Soul, where you can paint pottery in a quiet and relaxing environment. I love doing this with good friends because you can not only unwind with some painting, but it's a great time to catch up and chat while you paint!

7. Go thrifting/antiquing

I know this isn't everyone's idea of fun, but for me and probably some others reading this, it is. Laramie has great places to look around and waste an afternoon in and thrift shop or look for antiques to decorate your apartment. I highly recommend Nu2U and Bart's Flea Market. Not only will you have a ton of time to kill in these stores, but everything is reasonably priced, which will make you feel less guilty when you shop.

Laramie can be a ton of fun if you try to find things that you'll enjoy. When it's cold outside, leaving the house can be even more difficult, but at least these are all indoors and will keep you busy. Hopefully one of these things peaks your interest. Enjoy and stay warm, Laramigos!

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