Things to Add to your Summer Bucket List ASAP

Laramie once again was hit with a cold spell. We went three full days of 60-degree weather (shorts and sandals weather) to 17-degree weather and breaking out the winter jacket again. I am so ready for winter to be over, so I immediately started thinking happy thoughts. The first thing that came to my mind? A summer bucket list. I absolutely cannot wait for warm weather to be here to stay, so here are just a few things to add to a summer bucket list to keep you busy with fun activities. Feel free to make a few of your own!

1) Hiking

I love hiking. Find a few easy hikes to start off the summer and then build from there! Maybe tackle a 14er by the end! The sky is the limit and there's nothing like setting new goals for yourself, especially when you have time to do them in the summer. 

2) Paddleboarding

Nothing is better than a lake day. Grab your friends, rent a paddleboard and have fun cruising the water!

3) Camping

My family has gone camping every summer for as long as I can remember. It wouldn't be summer without a weekend in the mountains.Take advantage of the views and lack of cell service, it's totally worth it. 

4) Beach day

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach or vacation near one, take advantage of those white sands and ocean water! If you can find a group of friends to join you, have a game of beach volleyball! (You’ll be back in Laramie soon enough with the white snow).

5) Sleep under the stars

I’ve always wanted to do this, and summer is the perfect time. There are plenty of clear skies and warm nights in the summer! In Wyoming, it may get chilly at night, but the skies are so bright, you don't have to go far to find a place to see the stars. 

6) Travel somewhere new

Whether you just go to a new town nearby or catch a flight to a place far away, summer is the perfect time to see new sights. Hop in the car with some snacks and no plan and see where the road takes you! 

Stay warm, and dream of summer! It will be here soon-hopefully. 

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