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Ten Comments About My Body I’m Tired of Hearing

Believe it or not, being petite doesn’t come without criticisms and unwanted opinions from others. Here are ten of my (not so) favorite things that I’d really like to stop hearing:



  1. “You’re so lucky that you have a hard time gaining weight.”

I’ve been trying to gain 5 pounds for a really long time now. The most I have ever weighed to date is 115 lbs and I’m currently considered underweight. I don’t really see how that makes me “lucky.”

  1. “Did you know that you can see your ribs?”

Wow, thanks for pointing that out, I had no idea!! (bonus points when the person that said this tries to poke my ribs to see if those are actually my ribs.)

  1. “You’re so skinny but your hips are so wide!!”

They have zero correlation, but thank you for pointing out that my hips are designed to give birth. You get an A+ in human anatomy for the day.

  1. “You know, most people have either a big ass or big boobs but you don’t have either.”

This is probably my favorite one to date. I don’t really understand why this was ever pointed out to me but damn if I don’t get a good laugh out of it every now and then. (P.S. stop staring at me, thanks.)

  1. “Are you anorexic?”

Contrary to your beliefs, skinny DOES NOT mean anorexic. Anorexia is a very serious and complex illness. By asking this question not only are you showing how ignorant you are, but you’re also taking validity away from those who actually struggle with this illness on the daily.

  1. “Eat a cheeseburger.”

If only you saw how many cheeseburgers I eat. Not to mention all the Taco Bell, DQ, Burger King…

  1. “You could go braless and nobody would notice.”

I don’t want people staring at my chest regardless, thanks.

  1. “I bet you’re one of those health freaks and that’s why you’re so skinny.”

I get winded going up a flight of stairs, so no. It’s actually due to my metabolism, which breaks down food at a pretty fast rate.

  1. “You just need to eat more junk food.”

My bag of Twix and giant pile of sugary snacks would disagree with you. Besides, “eating more junk food” could just lead to health problems and not necessarily weight gain.

  1. “Only dogs go for bones.”

This is the one that bothers me the most. Everyone has a personal preference as to what they find attractive and the most important thing is not image. But hey, thanks for trying to make me feel unattractive, there’s definitely nothing better you could be doing with your time.

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Kayla is a sophomore at the University of Wyoming studying Elementary Education. During football season, Kayla spends her time in the Western Thunder Marching Band Color Guard. She considers herself to be a pop-punk princess and is very obsessed with The Wonder Years and knows all the words and choreography to the DK Rap. The only things that keep her going at this point are unintentional naps and inhuman amounts of caffeine. Her spirit animal is Tiny Kong, also known as the second member of the DK Crew.
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