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Spring in Laramie usually doesn’t exist, but we do have those few rare days to get outside and enjoy the above freezing temperatures. You start to see the Aspen trees budding on campus, more people hang out at Prexy’s, and some are even brave enough to leave the house without a jacket. So here are some activities to keep in mind for the next time you want to leave behind the stress of school and enjoy yourself.


Blow Bubbles: You are never too old to break out the bubbles. I mean they just make everyone happy, there’s no way you could even say the word with a frown.


Dance in the rain: In Laramie when it rains we are all celebrating, because at least it’s better than snow. So go outside, and dance around a little. Find some puddles and jump in them. It’s so refreshing to feel the sprinkles on your face. It’s a nice little break from the real world.


Fly a kite: Honestly, I don’t see a lot of people flying kites around Laramie, and it probably has something to do with our 50 mph wind gusts. If you don’t hold onto that kite it might end up in Cheyenne. But hey it’s worth a try on a nice day.


Plant flowers: Walking around Laramie neighborhoods it’s great to see all of the flowers budding in gardens. Don’t worry, if you don’t have the space for your own garden, you can go buy colorful flowers to freshen up your apartment.


Spring Cleaning: I know cleaning usually sounds like a drag, but you will thank yourself later when you’re trying to move out of your house of the dorms at the end of the year. Plus getting rid of clothes or items you don’t use anymore frees up more space; making you less cluttered and stressed. Also, if you have any clothes you’d like to get rid of, save them for our HC clothes swap on April 22nd!


Go to the park: Walking around the park to get some fresh air is the perfect way to clear your head. My personal favorite is Washington Park, but Laramie has lots of different parks to choose from. You’ll probably meet lots of dogs, which always makes my day better.


Wear a sundress: I know breaking out a dress also means shaving your legs, which can be a struggle. But it’s worth it because those pasty things need to finally see the light of day after a long winter. Plus putting on my favorite dress instantly puts me in a better mood.


Eat something Easter themed: Pastel colors are so fun, and Easter is all about putting them into your food. Specifically desserts. There are some amazing recipes here, or you can head down the candy aisle. I recommend the Sweetart Jelly Beans, or the Reese’s Eggs.




Sara is a junior double majoring in Journalism and Enviromental and Natural Resources. She was born in Northern Kentucky but has lived in Laramie for 10 years now. She has a communications internship with the Wyoming EPSCoR program and writes for their blog. She also works as a lifegaurd and swim instructor at the local recreation center. To balance out her busy life Sara loves to read, do yoga, and plan her adventures abroad. She enjoys the small things that make life wonderful including rain, green grass, and coffee. One day she hopes to live in Seattle, write for an environmental publication, and travel the world to cover her stories.
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