Spilling the Tea: Here's What's Happening in the YouTube Community

I don’t know how frequently the general population uses YouTube, but I use it a lot. Most of the time, I use it for background noise when I am crafting. Other times, there are things that my favorite creators post that I am very excited for and I cannot wait to see. To give you some perspective on what I like, I usually watch Markiplier, Shane Dawson, Pewdiepie, Fine Brothers, the React Channel, and a few more. In recent weeks, there has been controversy surrounding Shane Dawson, Jake and Logan Paul, and mental health.

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson (his actual name is Shane Yaw) has been on Youtube since the beginning in 2007. He began as a simple daily vlog channel, and soon he created characters and began a small singing career. A lot has happened in his life and on his channel since he began 11 years ago. In 2015, he came out as bisexual through a video on his channel, and he also has almost 18.5 million subscribers. Shane has also had a turn in content, moving away from daily vlogs and into more controversial things, such as; conspiracy theories, exploring haunted places, and making docu-series of “unfavorable” people. In August, he recently collaborated with Jeffree Star, a controversial makeup guru, to get his side of his racist past. Shane has become more controversial saying that his next docu-series would be focusing on Jake Paul and why he is the way that he is.



Jake Paul

Not to be confused with his older brother Logan Paul, Jake has been controversial. Even though Logan did raise eyebrows with his very offensive Japanese vlog, along with filming a dead body in the Aokigahara Forest, Jake has constantly been in the news for his antics. From giving out the Team 10 house’s address, jumping on news vehicles, to being accused of abusing his Team 10 members, the youngest Paul brother has been called a sociopath because of these reasons and more. So what could Shane possibly gain from getting Jake’s side of the story?



The Docu-Series

Shane Dawson released a video in early September, that has since been removed, that said his next series would be about Jake Paul and answering the questions, “is he a sociopath because of his recorded antics and does he have Antisocial Personality Disorder?” The first six parts of the eight part series have come out gradually over the course of two to three weeks and Shane does not meet with Jake until the fifth video, to meet with a therapist, talk to former Team 10 members, and find out about his family, but I don’t want to give you all the juicy details. The final two episodes should be released shortly, but Shane likes to keep you in suspense.


The Controversy

After the first few episodes came out, Shane faced some immediate backlash, a lot coming from the Youtube community. The creator with the highest number of subscribers, Pewdiepie, called out Shane and the way he was going about the series, mostly sarcastically. He pointed out that a lot of the things that Shane and his therapist were saying were sociopathic, most people did. Shane took the feedback from his fellow creators and posted a disclaimer at the beginning of the videos, so that people did not try to self-diagnose or diagnose people they know with Antisocial Personality Disorder. Shane has also been called out for trying to ‘humanize’ Jake Paul, as some see his actions as unforgivable. I believe he, like anyone being accused, should have the right to tell his side of what has happened.


Consider viewing the series, as well as the ones that Shane has done before. He does a great job of making quality content, no matter if he’s serious, suspenseful, or hilarious. He will leave you #shook.


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