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Some Snoop Dogg For Your Winter Quarantine

We are days away from election day in the U.S., and we are in the midst of a global pandemic. So yes, I’m super stressed and my anxiety is through the roof. In a weird way, I’m super thankful that we have Snoop. I think a lot of people only know him for his gangster rap days, but Snoop is so much more. Snoop Dogg is an advocate and philanthropist. He’s a man who, despite circumstances, completely changed his life. Most importantly, he is known to be a great friend, father, and husband. Snoop Dogg is an idol to me especially. I am all about Snoop, from his music, to Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, to my favorite—​Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, his 2007 reality show, with only two seasons (which is truly a crime, I need more seasons!). I daresay, Snoop Dogg ( or maybe you know him by his government name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) is an AMERICAN NATIONAL TREASURE. These are a few of my favorite Snoop quotes. Some of these quotes are pretty hilarious and I would say—​great life mottos. Other quotes by Snoop Dogg are very relevant to our social climate and inspiring.

“It’s so easy for a kid to join a gang, to do drugs… we should make it that easy to be involved in football and academics.” 

“Yo’ what’s up?  This is Snoop D-O-Double-G sayin’ stop the violence, drop the guns, and increase the peace.” 

“I want to be loved while I’m here, and the only way to get love is to give love.” 

“Love gets unappreciated a lot of times, but you still gotta keep giving it.”  

“When I’m no longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg.” 

“If the ride is more fly, then you must buy.”

 “If it’s flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s, be the best hamburger flipper in the world. Whatever it is you do you have to master your craft.” 

“If you stop at general math, you’re only going to make general math money.”

“You can teach an old dog a new trick if that old dog listen.” 


Sarina Garnica

U Wyoming '22

Sarina is a first generation college student at the University of Wyoming. She is a criminal justice major with a strong interest in the law. She comes from a small town from Wyoming and is the middle child of eight children. She is romantic, imaginative, and determined. She also is a true crime enthusiast. She loves podcasts, books, and watching anything with subtitles. Her goal for the future is to attend law school and make great contributions to society with her work.
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