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The Six Stages of Pulling an All-Nighter

Last week I made the mistake of pulling an all-nighter early in the week...twice. How I survived to the weekend is beyond me but hey, there were projects that needed to be done and momma didn’t raise no quitter. Anyway, pulling an all-nighter is no easy feat and I found that it can be broken into six stages.

Stage 1: Accepting the fact that you’re going to be up for a while

Alright, so you’re done with classes for the day and you are ready to devote the rest of the evening to finishing your homework. You break down each project into doable chunks and everything is looking good...grab a hot cup of tea or coffee because caffeine is going to be your best friends!

Stage 2:  Going into hardcore mode

You feel the caffeine coursing through your veins as your eyes scan over endless lines in your textbook and you furiously type that four page paper due at midnight. Things are still looking good but a crash is inevitable so prep some more tea/coffee.

Stage 3: The first “drain”

At this point, the caffeine that you consumed earlier is wearing off. Your eyelids are getting a little bit heavier and your tempted to take a “quick” nap (I mean it is about half past 11). Things are looking gloomy but you push through.

Stage 4: Becoming death incarnate

The time is somewhere between 12 and 2 in the morning. You are literally death itself; dark circles manifest under your eyes, you can barely keep your eyes focused, and you find yourself getting closer with your desk as you continue slouching in your chair.

Stage 5: Digging deep and powering up

You’re so close to getting done! With one last ounce of energy, you begin to pick up the pace and wrap everything up. You tie your paper together with an amazing conclusion or you eagerly put the finishing touches on that giant project that has kept you occupied for so long.

Stage 6: Finishing strong

Congratulations! You’ve finished your homework! You’re first class may be only four hours away at this point, but hey, you finished your project and you’re ready to tackle the next one (just not so last minute!).

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Bailey Johnson

U Wyoming '22

Bailey is a freshman at the University of Wyoming studying in the visual arts program. Asides from being an artist, she also considers herself a geek and dog lover extraordinaire. When she isn't doing homework, she can be found reading, sketching in her tiny sketchbooks, or composing poems.
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