Sandwich Cookie Tasting Party



For this article, we decided to round up the gang and have a sandwich cookie tasting party. We bought 7 different flavors and gave our opinions on the smell, presentation, and taste of each cookie on a scale of 0-5. Then we took the average of those scores to give you our overall rating. Some were delicious and some were terrible so we put together this information for you all to figure out which flavor you might want to try next!


1. Original 

Anna- 3.8. It was broken and needed more filling. 

Sarina- 4. Definitely needed more filling. 

Annie- 4.2. It needed more filling and it didn't smell like quality chocolate. 

Emmaline- 5. It smells like a chocolate sandwich cookie should smell like. 

Liz- 3.2. Just doesn't really like original but loves the filling. 

2. Birthday cake 

Anna- 2.6. Just too sweet. 

Sarina- 5. Would have given it a 13, loves the filling flavor and the sprinkles are pretty. 

Annie- 5. Would have given it a 13 as well and LOVES the scent of birthday cake. 

Emmaline- 3.5. Too sweet of scent and the flavor was okay. 

Liz- 3.5. Anything birthday cake smell bad. 

3. Red Velvet

Anna- 5.

Sarina- 4.6.

Annie- 4. Doesn't like cream cheese frosting. 

Emmaline- 4. Doesn't really taste like anything. 

Liz- 3.5. Doesn't smell like anything but it was so bad she couldn't finish it. 

4. Pistachio Thin

Anna- 2.6. It is ugly and just not enough, but likes it for nostalgic reasons. 

Sarina- 3.6. The smell is not compelling but the flavor is really good. 

Annie- 3. Not a fan of thin and doesn't actually taste like pistachio but almond instead and a hint of something salty. 

Emmaline- 3.3. Not bad, not great. 

Liz- 3.3. 

5. Mint

Anna- 4.2. Minty kind of gal.

Sarina- 3.6. Very fragrant. 

Annie- 5. Love it. 

Emmaline- 3.3. Maybe too green for comfort. 

Liz- 2.3. 

6. Carrot Cake

Anna- 0.6. Uncentered filling. 

Sarina- 1.6. It fell apart as soon as it was picked up. 

Annie- 1.6. It also fell apart. 

Emmaline- 3.6. Did not taste very good. 

Liz- 5. Delicious. 

7. Latte Thins

Anna- 2.6. Kind of like it but might choose something else. 

Sarina- 3.6. Ambiguous flavor. 

Annie- 3.3. A lot of scent and cookie but the filling is weird. 

Emmaline- 3. Just wasn't her type of flavor. 

Liz- 3.3


Favorite type of cookie:

Anna- mint. Mint is good and the smell was good. This cookie was “mint” for her. 

Sarina- birthday cake. She loves the taste of a birthday. 

Annie- mint with pistachio falling in a close second. Because she loves fake green filling. 

Liz- carrot cake. Tastes just like a carrot cake and it was the best. 

Emmaline- original. Because it tastes good.  


Least favorite type of cookie:

Anna- carrot cake. It smells bad and not fun.

Sarina- carrot cake. Equates it to having to have dinner with the cousins she doesn’t like.

Annie- red velvet. Basically hates cream cheese frosting. 

Liz- red velvet. Definitely the worst.

Emmaline- pistachio. There wasn’t enough flavor.