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RSO Spotlight: Real Women Real Bodies

Are you looking to join an RSO that promotes love and body positivity? Look no further! We asked RWRB President Alison Geary to answer a few questions so you don’t have to.

Her Campus: What is RWRB all about?

Real Women Real Bodies President: The mission of Real Women, Real Bodies is to encourage all people to feel comfortable in their own skin and love themselves for exactly who they are. It is our hope that through acceptance and encouragement, everyone will come to love their bodies and in turn will care for the body they have.

HC: Who can join?

RWRBP: Anyone and everyone can join! Our specific focus is promoting positive self image in women, however all people are welcome to be a part of our group and discuss their own experiences with body image. We would like to continue to expand our reach to people of all genders, abilities, race, sexual orientations, and body types.

HC: What do you do as an RSO: ex. past events

RWRBP: We are very proud to consider ourselves an active organization on campus. Our main events include hosting photo shoots every semester to promote positive body image (we have done 6 and are preparing a 7th taking place in April), presenting for Body Image Awareness Week and Shepard Symposium, hosting our own conference (we’ve done 2), bringing in slam poetry group Speak Like a Girl, recognition of our posters in Gallery 234 (twice), and participation in the Women’s Leadership Conference. We also host bake sales in the Union every once in awhile.
HC: Upcoming events: Body Image Awareness Week?

RWRBP: Yes! Our presentation for BIAW will be Monday, February 27th from 12-1pm in the Union Senate chambers. The presentation is called, “Looking through the Lens–How Media Portrays Body Type.” Using photos taken during Real Women, Real Bodies photo campaigns, this presentation will educate audience members about identifying and analyzing the media’s portrayal of body types. (There will be FOOD PROVIDED ). Also, we’re going to release our Campaign 6 photos in April, and we will have a 7th photo shoot in April as well.

HC: Where can people find more information?

RWRBP: The best place to look for information is the Real Women, Real Bodies Facebook page. You can also find our info on our Collegiate Link page, or email us at rwrbproject@gmail.com. Finally, if people are interested in joining RWRB, our meetings are Thursdays at 7pm in Union 202.

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