RSO Spotlight: Architectural Engineering Institute

We had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica Brist, senior Architectural Engineering student, and president of the Architectural Engineering Institute. Hoping to learn more about how to get involved or about their upcoming events? Read on to get the fool scoop! 

Her Campus: Can you tell us more about the Architectural Engineering Institute?

Jessica Brist: At AEI (the Architectural Engineering Institute), we are dedicated to providing educational and networking opportunities for all students, although we tailor our events toward architects and structural engineers.  For example, a few of our events this semester include attending a conference (United States Green Building Council Conference in Boston, MA: November 8-10), firm tours (MOA Architecture, RB+B Architecture and New Belgium Brewery: 10/20, Martin and Martin Engineering Denver: 10/27), and construction site tours (Martin and Martin office building in Denver: 10/27; Rochelle Athletic Center: 11/13), inviting guest speakers (Dr. Barker: structural engineering professor, on the fall of the Twin Towers; Tim Belton: professional architect from Malone Belton Abel, on the architectural profession; Dr. Tanner: structural engineering professor, on masonry buildings in the Chile earthquake: 10/9; Jera Schlotthauer: structural engineering professional and UW alumnus, on the structural engineering profession: 10/23; Matthew Newman: professional architect and construction management professor, on the architectural profession: 11/6 (also the date of AEI officer elections!), and Christie Roberts: structural engineering professional and UW alumnus, on her experience as an architectural engineering students and what resources UW offers its students in preparation for a professional career: 12/4), and volunteering with the Big Event.  

If students are interested in any of the events listed, they are welcome to contact me specifically at [email protected] or the club at [email protected].


HC:  Who can join, and how do you do so?

JB: Anyone who has an interest in structural engineering or architecture--it doesn't have to be your major!  Attend our meetings, located in EN3070 from 5:00-6:00 pm every other Monday (our next meeting is on 10/9, and there is always free pizza!), and pay the membership dues ($10/semester) to become a member.

However, our 10/9 meeting will be located in EN1045.  It is the only meeting at this location.


AEI Fall 2017 General Poster (1).jpg


HC: Why did you join?

JB: I was interested in finding an RSO related to my degree, because I wanted to be involved with something that was applicable to both my life as a college student and a professional.  As the president of AEI, my main goal is to provide resources for students to learn what life is like after college (as a professional) and what they should be doing now to increase their chances of success after graduating from college.  In my personal experience, I had little idea of what the engineering and architectural professions were really like until I was a junior; I'm trying to provide these resources for students early in their college career (so they know they are really on the track they are interested in) as well as students preparing to enter the professional world.


HC: What has been the best part of joining?

JB: I have learned so much about the professional world and (as cliche as it sounds) myself.  It has given me guidance in the direction that I want to pursue after graduating from the University of Wyoming and helped me prove to myself what my passions really are.  There are also a lot of opportunities for anyone to get involved--whether it's as an officer, helping with fundraisers or advertising, or attending events--all of which add to a resume.


HC: Why would you encourage someone else to join?

JB: It's a great opportunity to meet peers, professors, and professionals; build your knowledge of various career paths; and attend events that expand your educational experience beyond the classroom.  We see a lot of cool things that students who just like architecture or looking at buildings would enjoy, even if they aren't an architectural engineering student!


HC: You are having an event October 14th, can you tell us more about it?

JB: We are attending some outstanding events in Denver on October 14th.  They are free, so the only expenses are related to transportation to Denver ($10/person).  

The first event is a tour of Solar Decathlon village and competition houses.  These are houses that are designed by students to perform at high energy efficiency.  This allows UW students to see new, innovative "green" designs that are created by other college students around the nation.  It is a special opportunity to have this so close to Laramie this year!  For more information, students can view the website at:

The other event is the Sustainability Expo.  More information can be seen here:

Renewable energy, conserving energy, and creating energy efficient technology is becoming an increasingly integrated part of our society, and a student of any profession can appreciate the education provided from these events.

HC: Any additional comments?

JB: Nope, I think I covered it all!  Thanks for letting us advertise through this outlet!



*All photos provided by Jessica Brist*