Real Thoughts We Had During the Superbowl

Today is literally the best day of the year, because of the snacks.

It's like the snack Olympics.

Taquitos, pigs in a blanket, chips and dip….

Loving this hummus, too, right now.

Oh it's on! Here we go!

HOT DAMN Gaga! You rule.

Like jeez...proud to be an American!

#blessed to live in the same country as Lady Gaga.

Okay it’s happening.


Cam Newton’s cheekbones, though.

And his teeth.

And just everything.

Is he even human?

Maybe he should just be a model.

OKAY Broncos, I see you.

Hmmm lalala football football

One guy’s cheer on the field is so...abrasive…


Seriously, it’s a thing.

What is this weird pug monkey baby?

What the heck is even happening right now...

Where’s my beer?

Ah weiner dogs dressed like hot dogs!

I’m obsessed. I need 50.

Would it be frowned upon to eat the first cupcake…?


So worth it.

Okaaaay so the Broncos are basically killing it.

Good job, Broncos.

I’m still team Cam Newton’s cheekbones!

And team queso. Cuz DAYUM this is good stuff.

I wonder if people are watching this in England?

Helen Mirren is so classy. I won’t drive drunk Helen! I promise!

YAS the Doritos commercial.


So funny.

I am so excited for halftime!

It’s happening!

OMG Beyonce.

That’s all.

Ugh she is amazing.

I literally live to watch her perform.

She makes falling look sexy.

Bruno Mars is cool too.

I like his glasses.

Chris Martin though..ehh.

He takes himself WAY too seriously.

Get over yourself Chris Martin YOU ARE NOT BEYONCE.

But I dig these cool flower umbrellas these people have on the field.

Where can I get one?

And hello, jalapeno poppers!

Where have these been all my life?!

Ok ok. Focus.

Back to the game.

Sh*t’s getting real.

Broncos win!

What do they do with all the shirts and hats and confetti in the other team’s colors?

That’s the real question.

No, no. The real question is how many of these cupcakes can I take home...

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