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Perfect Spring Treats to Fix Your Sweet Tooth

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Wyoming chapter.

Spring is the perfect time to whip out your baking tools and create some delicious treats. When I was younger, my family would always spend Easter weekend making a themed cake or treats. To help keep that tradition alive, and to share it with all of you, here are a few easy spring themed recipes!

1. Mini Lemon Flower Tarts

I picked these because they are absolutely adorable and I love lemon sweets! All it takes are three simple ingredients! Find the recipe here!

2. Easter Bunny Chow

A twist on the classic “puppy chow” and the perfect snack to eat handfuls of. This mix is great for filling plastic eggs or eating on a road trip. I love the original puppy chow, so this new recipe is a great way to switch up a classic treat. This easy chow recipe is guaranteed to put some spring in your step!

3. Chocolate Bird Nests

No, not made of twigs, but delicious chow mein noodles covered in chocolate! Plus you can add some candy eggs or jelly beans! We used to make these all of the time when my sister and I were growing up, but our dad always ended up eating the majority of them. *rolls eyes* Find the recipe here!

4. Bunny Cake

Now, this is for if you’re feeling a little ambitious. A simple cake mix turned into the cutest little bunny! I’ve made this with my family before and it was delicious! It is easier than you woud think, just two round cakes and a lot of frosting. Extra points to whoever decorates the cutest bunny! Get baking with this fun recipe!

Spend quality time with your family friends this weekend and maybe even try out some of these recipes, you won’t regret it! Happy baking and happy spring!


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