Need New Music? Here Are My Suggestions

1. Melanie Martinez

Genre: Alternative

Her two albums: Cry Baby and K-12

Some of you may recognize the name Melanie Martinez because she was a contestant on The Voice in 2012. Although she didn’t end up winning The Voice, her career took off after her appearance on the show. Martinez mixes pop and indie genres for her music. They all have great beats and the lyrics are very creative. The theme of her music may be a bit strange but you won’t find another artist that matches her creativity.


Genre: Alternative

Album recommended: Blue Madonna

BØRNS is a well-known artist in the alternative music genre and one of my personal favorites. His music is perfect for easy listening, and his lyrics are very poetic (if you’re into that kind of stuff). He has a similar vibe to Lana Del Ray, and they even have a song together (God Save Our Young Blood) on his Blue Madonna album that is amazing. 

3. Dayglow

Genre: Alternative

Album recommended: Fuzzybrain

Dayglow has a feel-good vibe to all of his music which is nice to hear when the world is falling apart (I’m not a fan of 2020). His music is great for long car rides to the middle of nowhere or as background music in group settings. His music is upbeat, yet it’s easy to listen to. I’d recommend his music if you’re having a bad day.

4. Electric Guest

Genre: Alternative/Pop

Album recommended: KIN

Electric Guest’s mixtures pop and alternative themes to create a unique sound. All of their music will make you want to get up and dance around the living room or sing it in the shower (I’m guilty of both). Again, if you’re having a bad day and need something to boost your mood, I definitely recommend this album!