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My Thoughts on Watching The Bachelor for the First Time

When my best friend was home over Christmas break, we decided to watch The Bachelor together. She had been a long-term Bachelor watcher and of course I had not seen it. I decided to give it a go though so we could discuss all the drama of the show every week and so it was one more thing we could have fun with together. So with the first episode of the new season, I was bound to be on a wild ride. Apparently, Matt was the hottest bachelor and the first black bachelor in the history of the show. This season was supposed to be a big deal. I admit, he was attractive, but I would not be prepared for the drama-filled, high-end stakes of this show. The girls all had unique personalities, and some of them not in a good way. 

Katie and Matt "The Bachelor"
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Who knew that a TV show could stir up so many emotions in me?! Matt seemed nice at first and like a great guy. The more the season went on though, the more we discussed how sort of bland Matt was. I mean, he was the hype of the year, and yet I also seemed a little let down. Mind you, all of this is just superficial things we see on national television, so I do not really know anything about these people. So after seeing Matt and the women, and watching and discussing every episode every week, and of course reading the list of best tweets about the Bachelor that week, it was all just a bit much. At times, I could not believe what I was seeing.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

I asked my friend if it was like this every season, and she said no. This season was filled with way more drama than usual and was over-the-top. I swiped my forehead in relief, but I could not even stand to watch all of the women’s interviews episode this week. Some of these girls were just really sad when they went home and completely hurt, which is understandable and I am in no way trying to downplay their emotions. But shouldn’t they have known that was going to be part of the deal of going on the Bachelor? They are competing with other women and all developing feelings for the same guy, of course that would be painful. That was my biggest issue, and the overall ugliness that really showed up in these women. I know this probably isn’t the most raving review of The Bachelor, but I thought I’d let you know what a first timer thought of the one of the most drama-filled seasons. 


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