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I have been wanting to get a Brazilian wax for a while and I thought that it would be a convenient way to take care of “down under.” I did my research online of people’s experiences along with those of people I knew, and decided I would just go for it. I also researched spas in my local area that I thought would be best. I scheduled an appointment online and had to wait about three weeks, which I took as a good sign that I was going to a good place as well. The one downside to getting a brazilian wax is the cost, which for me was $55. This is a pretty expensive upkeep if you do it once a month, but I figured I would try it, and if I liked it I would deal with the financial consequences (lol). 


I made sure that I exfoliated before I went, trimmed my hair so it was not too long, and went in for my appointment. I did not realize though that I should have stopped shaving about 10 days before my appointment, and I had shaved about five days before. I was greeted by a very nice lady, told to strip from the waist down (although I did leave my socks on because my toes get cold), and climbed on the table. The first thing the woman did was assess my pubic area. She said I had fine hair and not too much of it compared with others, and that even though I said I wanted a brazilian, she would start with a bikini to assess my pain tolerance. She said some of my hairs were maybe too short, but that she would attempt to wax them and see where we got.


Then she applied the first bit of wax, it was pretty warm and I was definitely nervous. She had me pull some of the skin tight and move my legs in different positions so that it would be less painful and to get the best wax possible. She then pulled off the first one and I thought it was certainly bearable. One thing I did not expect was that some hairs would not get pulled because they were not long enough. I did not think about the fact that they had to be long enough, and not just too long, to have a good wax. The other thing I did not expect was the lady to not wax my anus area, which I had read in plenty of accounts that the people did. Next time, I will definitely ask to have that area waxed as this is certainly one difficult area to get shaved. 


One thing I should also mention is that I thought I was at the end of my period, so I just wore a tampon to the appointment. The lady said that was fine and I forgot about it right after I asked. I also forgot to ask her to leave a strip as I usually do, and she did everything, which I actually have found that I am perfectly fine with. The part I found most painful was on my labia majora, where it seemed the wax was more hot, but that is probably just because it is a more sensitive area. I had heard from others that I might get burned, but I experienced no burning which was a relief. It was painful, but my IUD was definitely more painful. On a scale of 1-IUD for pain, it was definitely a 4. It hurt, but I could bear it. 


I think the aftermath was actually more painful, as the area was pretty sensitive and felt swollen. I tried not to wear underwear, and wore loose sweatpants the whole day which I think definitely helped. I did not shower for 24 hours which is recommended, and when I did I gently exfoliated with my loofah but without soap. I also bought aftershave to apply everywhere I was waxed. It has been almost a week later, and I am very happy with the results. Besides the few stragglers left behind that were not picked up by the wax, overall it looks very good. I will not be shaving until my next appointment, to make sure that my hair is long enough, but I will be shaving my anus and stop 10 days before my appointment to ensure that it is also long enough. I think the $55 is worth it for not shaving, which is very itchy and really not my cup of tea. I understand now why people spend the pain and money to get waxed. If you are really really scared, I would recommend getting a bikini wax first to see how well you tolerate the pain. Even this is just my own personal experience with a little internet research assistance, I hope this is helpful in guiding your decision or fulfilling your curiosity!

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