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My Sensitivity is a Strength

Throughout my life, I’ve always been called sensitive. Sometimes as a compliment, sometimes as a criticism. I’ve grown to dislike the word because it holds a connotation of weakness. I think that sensitivity is a strength. Sure, putting on a brave face and pretending to be okay is hard, but it’s even harder to let your walls down and bare your emotions. Vulnerability is one of the scariest states of mind, especially in times where it seems like every weakness is exploited or judged. But trusting your emotions and insecurities to another person, knowing that it won’t always go as planned: THAT is strength.


For every time that you call a person sensitive for taking a joke too seriously, someone is thanking them for taking the time to notice they’re sad that day. For every time they cry in a sad kids’ movie, there’s a time when they listen to friends speak about the inner battles that no one else sees. For every time they call you out for telling a “barely offensive” joke, someone else is feeling valued and appreciated because that “sensitive” person took the time to acknowledge and cherish their differences.


So yeah, I’m sensitive, and I’m proud of it. My sensitivity may cause me to cry at anything remotely sad, but it also allows me to connect with others on a deeper emotional level. It allows me to find friends that make me feel empowered while I empower them. It enables me to be someone who listens and appreciates others’ vulnerability.



I would never trade my sensitivity for a thick skin, because then I would lose the traits that make me, me. I’ll continue to cry at kids’ movies and facebook videos and basically anything cute or sad because it’s more than worth it.


So sensitive folks, share your emotions and let others share theirs. You have the power to make someone feel cherished today, so do it!

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Alexandra is a student at the University of Wyoming obtaining a degree in Psychology. She loves to read books, play sports, and go to as many events as possible. She was born and raised in Lander, WY, and regularly facetimes her grandma and her cat. She enjoys spending money she doesn't have on thai, sushi, and chai for almost any occasion. You can follow her college adventures and other shenanigans on Instagram, @ale_xan_dra_j. 
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