My Pre-Graduation Bucket List

I, like many others at the University of Wyoming, am starting my senior year on campus. Amidst the daunting hours of reading and work, I have found many things to ease the stress that comes with earning a degree. I will graduate this Spring though, and there are still a few items that need to be checked off of my pre-graduation bucket list before I leave Laramie.

1. Hike to Medicine Bow Peak

This will have to be done within the next week or two, considering snow is on the way. I have had many friends trek to the top, but I have never found the time. I can just imagine that the view from the top is gorgeous.

2. Eat in every downtown restaurant

Living in Laramie has definitely allowed me to make a dent in this bucket list item, but there are still more restaurants to explore. Just to name a few: Alibi Wood Fire Pizza & Bakery, The Crowbar, Roxie’s on Grand, and 17th Street Cafe.

3. Bar hop through downtown

Similar to the restaurants, the bars in Laramie are a must stop for any of-age college student. I just recently turned 21, so this item is finally achievable.

4. Storm the field at War Memorial

So far, the Cowboy Football team is looking like they will have a good season. As long as that keeps up, you’ll find me and 20,000 people on the field after a win.

5. And finally, walk across the stage at graduation!

Then I’ll finally be able to buy the Alumni gear!

Laramie is full of fun things to do during your time here. Go out and make the most of the years!

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