My Inspirational Woman: Annie Oakley


Annie Oakley is awesome. She is known for traveling with Buffalo Bill and being a stellar markswoman in a man’s world. She is an inspiration to follow your passion and become the talented, amazing women we all are. Here are some fun facts to get you inspired and to look up to one of the many women that will go down in history. 

1. When she was just fifteen, she won a competition against her future husband, hitting all 25 shots compared to her future husband, who got 24.

2. She gained the nickname “little sure shot” from the Lakota Sioux leader, Sitting Bull. 

3. When Oakley rose to fame, her husband supported her by becoming her assistant and manager. 

4. She taught other women that they were capable of handling firearms and encouraged them to keep a pistol in their purses to protect themselves. (I do not necessarily support this, but teaching women how to protect themselves is important) 

5. During World War I, she offered to create a regiment of women volunteers to fight in the war, and to teach soldiers how to accurately shoot. Although both offers were declined. 

Happy women’s week!