My Favorite Youtubers


I’ve been a big YouTube-watcher since it’s early days. The site has changed a lot over the years, and so have my favorite YouTubers. Here are the channels I’ve been into for the last couple of years:

1. Anthony Padilla

I was a big Smosh fan back when I was a kid. Smosh’s glory days are long gone, but Anthony Padilla from Smosh is back and better than ever. He has a series called “I Spent a Day With…” where he interviews people from groups that are misunderstood like nudists, furries, witches, emos, people with Disassociative Identity Disorder, and much more. He is a great interviewer and finds a way to be funny while remaining respectful to the guests. The idea is to truly get to know where they’re coming from, not to make fun of them. I have honestly learned so much from this series, and it has made me more open-minded. I think everyone would benefit from watching it! Not to mention it’s very entertaining! 

2. BestDressed

Ashley from BestDressed has the absolute best sense of style. She’s also so talented when it comes to upcycling clothing and making things look *aesthetic*. It just feels like she’s talking to her audience as if we are her friends, and I honestly feel very connected to her. You won’t regret checking out her channel! 

3. DamonandJo

Damon and Jo are two best friends that travel all over the world. They give great advice on how to make traveling doable and affordable. Their motto is to “Shut Up and Go.” It’s super entertaining to see all the places they go and how they spend their time there. They both speak several languages and sometimes do their videos on other languages with English subtitles. There are a ton of videos on their channel to catch up on, but now they mostly use their personal channels since they live so far away from each other. Their personal channels are great too! I especially love Damon’s wine talk videos.

4. Kurtis Connor

I’ve been a big fan of commentary channels the last couple of years. There are so many to choose from, but Kurtis Connor’s is probably my favorite. His sense of humor is a little strange, but I’ve grown to love it. Some honorable mentions for commentary channels are Cody Ko, Drew Gooden, and Danny Gonzales.

5. HelloKaty

Katy Bellote is a YouTuber that I have been watching since middle school. I’ve watched her as she went through high school and college, and now she’s living in New York as a successful freelancer. I weirdly feel like I’ve grown up with her. She used to do fashion and makeup videos when I started watching her. Now she does more “talky” videos as she calls them about dating, friends, work, life in New York, etc. It feels like sitting down to talk with a friend.