My Birth Control Experiences AKA My Birth Control Rant

I’ve had quite a few experiences with different birth controls and various complications along the way. I started using birth control at the age of 16 because of heavy bleeding. Birth control has the power to either stop your period or reduce the intensity of your period (cramps, bleeding, etc.). I was first prescribed the pill. I’m not very good at taking pills, so I figured out quickly that this would not be the right birth control for me. It was difficult to remember to take it at the same time every day. I had to choose a time that wouldn’t interfere with work or school, so I wouldn’t have to leave what I was doing to take it. I was 16 and scared of what people would think if I took a birth control pill during class (even though nobody actually cares). I was taking depression medication at the same time and as it turns out, my specific medication counteracted the pill so it was overall ineffective. This led to breakthrough bleeding when I tried to skip periods. Although I was having sex at this point in my life, I had a lot of reasons to not take the pill: my depression medication counteracted it, I had breakthrough bleeding, I can’t remember to take a pill to save my life, and I was self-conscious about it.

Onto the next option, the IUD (Intrauterine Device). I chose this method because it could potentially stop my periods. I was 17 when I went with my mom to get an IUD inserted and this time it was for both heavy periods and for sexual activity. Getting an IUD inserted may be one of the most uncomfortable experiences of my life. There is nothing that can prepare you for that pain. Luckily, the procedure is over within minutes. For the first six months, the IUD was a dream come true for me. My periods were becoming lighter, I had extra protection when having sex (still use a condom to prevent STDs!), and my cramps weren’t as intense. Unfortunately, this didn’t last very long for me. I started to have extremely heavy bleeding on my periods, worse than they had been before. I went from using super tampons to ultra (the biggest tampon size you can get). When I didn’t think it could get any worse, it did. On a very heavy day on my period, I experienced the worst cramps I have ever had. I knew something was wrong immediately because I couldn’t stand up to walk. I was on the floor of my bedroom crying in pain, feeling like I was being sliced open from the inside. My parents took me to the emergency room and turns out I had a massive ovarian cyst rupture and that’s why I was in extreme pain. Every period an ovarian cyst bursts and that is partially why you get cramps, but the size of mine was 4 by 6 cm, the normal size is around 2 - 5cm. Once the cyst ruptures then it goes away but while it is rupturing it is very painful, especially if it is of that size.  Over the next few months, I experienced heavy bleeding and I decided that the IUD was no longer worth it. I liked that I was always protected during sex, but it made my periods worse and I had two massive ovarian cysts while I had the IUD. Yet another birth control that didn’t work for me.

I am currently using the nuva ring, which has been pretty good up until my last period.  My last period was extremely heavy, and I had yet another massive ovarian cyst rupture. I thought my IUD had played a part in causing my ovarian cysts, but now that I’ve been on different birth control, I know that’s not the case. It’s just my body. I’m going to keep using the nuva ring for a few more months and skip periods if I can so I don’t have to deal with this nonsense. Overall, I am very frustrated with my body at the moment and I’m trying to figure it out.

Thanks for listening to my rant.