My 21st Birthday Was Different Than Most & Here's How it Went Down


For most coming-of-age adults, turning 21 is a pivotal moment in one’s life. You can legally buy and drink alcohol and get messed up as much as you want. It is a celebrated occasion for family and friends of the birthday girl/boy to get them lit on every drink possible throughout the night. My 21st was different than most and I am honestly okay with that because that’s how responsible adults roll sometimes.

So, my weekend started out at home in Rock Springs with my parents and my fiance. I worked an eight hour shift and came home around nine at night on Saturday. My parents and their friends compiled all of their liquor and egged me on to drink it. It was great because they had all the experience of making drinks that college kids haven’t mastered yet!

My fiance was sitting on the sidelines going shot for shot with me and encouraging me to make bad decisions throughout the night. (One of those was dancing wildly to our incomplete first-dance mashup for our wedding next year). I felt awful afterwards and slowed down.

My parents and their friends were also super wasted and we played the game Quiplash. At around one in the morning, I was exhausted already and so was everyone else. Luckily, one stayed sober and was able to take people home. My fiance stayed the night to take care of me if I needed it.

Sunday was uneventful and full of sobriety. I recuperated, played some golf, hung out with my family, went out to a HIbachi dinner and my fiance and I went and saw A Quiet Place, which is fantastic and you should *probably* see it.


Monday, I went to WYDOT and got my new adult license. Sadly, I had to head back to Laramie for school the next day so that I could be ready to teach. I did not get plastered on Monday night, which was my actual legal birthday. I spent it having lunch with my fiance, driving home and doing work on a project for one of my classes. I did, however, enjoy some amazing Born in a Barn garlic asiago wings, a Blue Moon and one shot of Tequila Rose for the evening.

Yeah, I know, it seems like a boring weekend. Honestly though, I am not a girl who likes to party and get wild a lot. Yes, this weekend I will probably go out and drink even more, but for now, I am fine with what I got. My weekend with my family and important friends was even more exciting than forgetting it all.

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