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Hubie Halloween was recently added to Netflix and I have to say, I actually really enjoyed it. It was a nonsense movie but gave me some much needed spooky yet non-spooky vibes. They brought back a lot of older actors but who I grew up with and found hilarious, especially but not least of which is Adam Sandler. 


jack-o-lantern pumpkins
Photo by David Menidrey from Unsplash


I love the ending of the movie and how it all unfolded in a pretty amusing manner. Even though it got a little dark and a little weird, I still think it was really funny and appreciated the quirky things they decided to do in the movie. We have a lot to learn from Hubie by treating others nicely and also doing acts of kindness. I’ll have to side with Hubie though on his fear of Halloween decorations. 


Skeletons as Halloween decor
Photo by NeONBRAND from Unsplash


Overall, I would recommend this movie, though not necessarily for its halloween qualities, but for the fact that it was just a nice genuine movie with some feel-good vibes. It kept me intrigued the whole time and there were a fair amount of moments that made me laugh. The romance in the movie was a little weird, but I could stand mostly behind it. If anything, I enjoyed it for its moments of comedy and the blast of the past actors.

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