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Meet the VP’s: Tyler Wolfgang

Don’t know what ASUW is or why you should vote? We sat down with both of the VP’s in the race this year to help you out. Voting starts today (April 18th) and goes through Wednesday (April 20th).

Major:Elementary Education with a Theatre Education Endorsement

Hometown: Parker, CO

Extracurricular Activities: Acting, Film Production, Hike, Golf, and Ultimate Frisbee

Length of Time in ASUW: 2 Years as a Senator for The College of Education

Her Campus: Why did you choose UW?

Tyler Wolfgang: My oldest sister came and graduated at UW when I was growing up. I came up a couple times and from those times she showed me what the town and the students at the university can provide. I found that a small town life and a out of state university is what exactly what I wanted. So I moved to Wyoming and here I am.

HC: Why did you decide to run?

TW: At this point in my college education I need to start preparing for my outside career field. This, to me, means that I should start to both challenge myself while also build up my resume. I have been actively been doing this for the past couple of years with; volunteer work at Big Brothers Big Sisters, HBO College, a Peer Mentor for the Synergy Program, and of course being a senator for two years. Now being a Junior and moving onto my Senior year I feel like it’s the proper time to move up in ASUW and give it my all as Vice President.

HC: What makes you qualified to be the VP?

TW: After two years of Senate I know all the rules and procedures to ASUW Senate meetings. So, when I start, we can get through senate meeting instead of it being more of a learning process. I also work well with advocating for the students and talking to students so I can better represent their thoughts in Senate.

HC: What other leadership roles have you held?

TW: Senator of the College of Education for two years, peer mentor for the Synergy program for two years, and volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

HC: What legislation have you been involved in during your time as a senator?

TW: Several pieces of legislation but, currently, I co-authored the resolution Campus Restroom Equality for Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Students, which I’m really proud of the most.

HC: What are your focuses in your campaign strategy?

TW: Our three platforms are mental health and wellness, improving communication between students and government, and faculty staff retention. Michael and I plan to address these three platforms to the fullest of our abilities within our year term, because we believe these are the most attainable goals to set for us. They are just as important than any other goal for improving student life on campus.  

HC: What is your relationship to Michael?

TW: Best friends, amazing partners in Senate, and above all we have the same exact feelings on where to take the university for the next year. Couldn’t have chosen a better partner to run with.

HC: What do you do during your free time?

TW: I perform on stage by looking for acting gigs (if possible), binge watch an incredible amount of tv series, catch up on the movie classics I have yet seen, and hang out with my friends/or family that are in town.

Want some more info? Go to Meet The VP’s: Donatellia Austin
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