Meet HC Wyoming: Emmaline Velasquez

Name: Emmaline Velasquez

Major: History

Class Standing: Sophomore

Role in HC: Writer

Why did you join HC?

My friend was in HC and I thought it would be good socially and it would be cool to be a published author.

What do you love about HC?

Everyone is super nice and it’s fun to come up with articles to write every week.

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received?

When it’s snowing out, take your time driving. Also, everything will be fine as long as you try your best and ask questions.

What fictional place would you most love to visit?

I would love to visit Atlantis from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

It would be to become invisible.

Are you usually early or late?

I generally like to be 10-15 minutes early.

Favorite college course so far?

It’s called America in an Early Modern World. It’s very interesting and its from about 1400-1800. Lots of information I had no idea about.

What’s your typical restaurant order?

A meat of some kind with french fries. Like a burger or steak.

What is your favorite show to binge watch?

I like to binge watch Bob’s Burgers but I also watch Criminal Minds as background noise.

Where is your favorite place?

My favorite place is the beach. It’s always relaxing and fun.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully as a librarian, maybe living abroad or living in a new state.

What is one item you cannot live without and why?

I cannot live without my slipper socks because I have really cold toes.

Favorite Food?

My favorite food is a pork dish my dad makes, its crazy delicious.

What is one thing about college that you wish you knew before you got here?

Emailing and talking to your professors helps with many things and can address any concerns you have. Don’t be intimidated by them.

Why should someone join HC?

Someone should join HC because it’s a really fun environment to be around. It can also lead you to new experiences and trying new things.


Picture by HC U Wyoming Photographer