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Meet HC Wyoming: Annie Stratton

Name: Annie Stratton

Major: History

Class Standing: Junior

Role in HC: Writer

Why did you join HC?

I joined Her Campus because one of my closest friends, Hailee, is the Co-Campus Correspondent and she convinced me to join. I also joined because I enjoy writing- as a History major I kinda have to.

What do you love about HC?

I love being able to write articles and I love that everyone in the group is super welcoming. It makes it really easy to write articles about anything, knowing that the people in the squad won’t judge it.

What’s the most valuable piece of advice you’ve received?

My parents love to tell me that “God’s time is not your time.” Which basically means that though it feels like I’ve been waiting my 12 years in my own personal Azkaban, God will still operate on His time. This is helpful when I see every other 20-year-old around me getting married and I am still so, so single.

What fictional place would you most love to visit?

Definitely Hogwarts. I love Harry Potter and I am still waiting for my Hogwarts Acceptance Letter.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Time Travel. But only in the form of TARDIS. Basically I just want to be a Time-Lord, not a companion, a full Time-Lord. So maybe that’s the superpower to regenerate? 

Are you usually early or late?

I’d love to be right on time, but it’s either ages early or it’s one to two minutes late. There is no in between.

Favorite college course so far?

My favorite college course at my previous college was Introduction to Archaeology, which is what piqued my interest in becoming an Archaeologist. But here it is Historical Methods, because it basically teaches you how to be a historian and ask historical questions.

What’s your typical restaurant order?

If there are tacos, I am usually getting tacos. Or anything with chicken. It really depends on the restaurant, but usually tacos.

What is your favorite show to binge watch?

Right now I’m watching Pretty Little Liars (super late in the game I know), but I’ve gotten to the point where it’s just kinda dumb. The go-to is always Doctor Who. I once watched so much Doctor Who, that American accents sounded foreign to me, and I still lived in America. I also had started talking in a British accent for a little bit.

Where is your favorite place?

If we are basing this off of “place” like every day place, I would say somewhere next to a window. That’s where you can usually find me. My dorm room? At my desk by my window. The library? In the Book and Bean, by the window. Classroom Building? By the windows. But if we are talking “place” like favorite place I’ve ever been? New York City hands down. One of my favorite quotes is “New Yorkers are born all over the country, and then they come to New York City and it hits them: Oh, that’s who I am.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ideally I would love to be working in a museum either in New York or London as a curator. I would live in an apartment with my four dogs: Gus, Odie, Naveen, and Bark Ruffalo.

What is one item you cannot live without and why?

The one item I can’t live without at college is my little pink stuffed piggy. She isn’t my baby baby toy, but I’ve had her for a long time. Whenever I feel sad, or “little kid” mad or super stressed, my piggy sits with me at my desk or just sits with me, as I listen to “alternative” music.  It’s like an emotional support animal, but not real.

Favorite Food?

Ummmm….. Tacos. Duh. I absolutely love tacos. The way to my heart is through tacos and reading with me.

What is one thing about college that you wish you knew before you got here?

That college is nothing like the movies or TV shows. Last year, though it was my sophomore year, I was watching Grown-ish, and I was like my college life is nothing like this. I thought it would change once I got to a university, but then I realized that with all my homework, my life could literally not be anything like Zoey’s life or I would not pass. So schoolwork is super important and a social life is important, but schoolwork is a priority.

Why should someone join HC?

It’s a really great way to get to know people and a good creative outlet. We are fun squad of people who have a great amount of laughs and a great amount of talent. Writing is super easy and you can do it on your time. It’s a lot of fun.


Abbey is a senior at the University of Wyoming and is currently majoring in Journalism. She couldn't imagine a world without Jesus, coffee, The 1975, Twitter or her family. You'll usually find her at a concert or cafe somewhere, which is where she spends majority of her free-time. Talking to band members after their shows is a hobby, along with thrifting & indulging in all aspects of pop culture. After college, she plans to spend more time at concerts, getting paid to write about music and bands.
Hailee Riddle

U Wyoming '20

Writing is hard, but I love it. "Little girls with dreams become women with vision." HC U Wyoming Writing since 2016  
Annie Stratton

U Wyoming '20

History Major at University of Wyoming The nerdiest of nerds Movie Lover Hufflepuff to the core Avid DisneyBounder "How wonderful the color yellow is. It stands for the sun." -Vincent Van Gogh
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