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A Letter to Those Who Lost the Election

A letter to those who lost the election:

This last year has been a difficult one, with the last 24 hours being some of the most difficult and stressful moments of this entire election. Last night, was hard on a lot of us, half of the voters in this country to be exact. This morning proved to be equally difficult. So to those of you who have lost this election, this letter is for you.

While the past 24 hours have been difficult, the uncertainty of what’s to come in the next four years is even more worrisome. It is easy to feel discouraged, to want to give up, and to feel defeated. It’s not going to be easy road ahead. I’m afraid that hate and discrimination is going to be more dominant than it has in years.  But now, more than ever, we must stand together. We must stand with one another, and rise above.

Although I understand being upset, believe me, I am. We must use this opportunity to come together, united, stronger than ever. It is up to us to direct the future, to stand up against hate, and to lean on each other. It’s not going to be smooth ride for the next four years, but if we come together, we can remind this country of the true meaning of “indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” 

Kaitlyn is a recent grad the University of Wyoming, where she got her degree in Marketing. She has been the Campus Correspondent for a Pink level chapter, a Chapter Advisor to some amazing chapters, and now has the pleasure of being a Region Leader. Born and raised on the Western Slope of Colorado, her love for nature and the outdoors comes naturally. Kaitlyn lives for football season, but finds way to stay preoccupied during the off-season. She enjoys long walks in the mountains, beer as cold as her heart, and bacon on her burgers. You can follow Kaitlyn’s adventures on Instagram, @kaysoup.
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