Let’s Talk About that new Mermaid TV Show…

We have all kinds of TV shows nowadays about zombies, ghosts, aliens and any other kind of eccentric creature you can think of. But now, we have a new TV show series on FreeForm about mermaids. That’s right, you heard it, mermaids. Well, if you want to get all technical it’s actually about sirens. Sirens, the mythological creature that is half fish and half human/woman, that are known for using their mesmerizing singing voices to lure sailors to their death. They’re the ethereal-like creature that appear innocent and beautiful at first, but are really just a death-eating monster. The new TV show that came out in March has become a hit among anyone who has an appreciation for mystery, fantasy and of course mermaids.


           There’s just all kinds of secrets hidden within Bristol Cove…the show is about a town on the edge of the sea that is known for its legend of mermaids, but now they are finding out that it might not be a legend after all. Sirens are coming to the shore and invading the town because of a shortage of food supply within the oceans. Fishermen are taking all of the food resources from mermaids like Ryn and her sister Donna. Little do they know the government is taking control and letting it happen. After catching Ryn’s sister Donna, which resulted in an injured fisherman, the mermaid is transported to a military base, where she is tested for an experiment.


           While the military and government is finding out the interesting information about the exotic species, Ryn comes to the surface attempting to find her sister. From there, she meets Ben and his girlfriend who are marine biologists at the local ocean research center. Now, I know what you’re thinking, a show about mermaids that’s gotta be kinda cheesy. Don’t worry, I thought the exact same thing, until I watched SIREN. There’s actually a lot of things the producers of this show did well. So, let’s take a look at them.



1.     The fact that it’s not necessarily about the typical “good” mermaid and more about the evil and dangerous siren, makes it intriguing.



2.     Even the visual imagery and details of the mermaid’s fin, scales and skin is real-like and eerie.



3.     The strength and abilities of these sirens are actually kinda badass.



4.     The show takes place in mysterious Bristol Cove, Washington where they have an annual mermaid festival.



5.     And you can’t forget some of the attractive cast, like Ben Pownall who plays the marine biologist and mermaid Ryn’s romantic interest.



The TV show is every Thursday at 8 p.m. on FreeForm. It is also available on Hulu.


So, if you’re a mermaid fanatic like me, then you’ll love SIREN.

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