Larry Nance Jr. and Hailey Pince


Her Campus UW recently had the opportunity to catch up with former Wyoming Cowboy Basketball star and current Los Angeles Laker, Larry Nance Jr., and UW senior and fashion model, Hailey Pince to see how L.A. is treating this couple on the rise.

Her Campus: What do you miss the most about UW?

Larry Nance Jr. and Hailey Pince: “We miss the people the most, and McAllisters.”

HC: What is your favorite thing about living in LA?

L&H: “Favorite thing about living in LA is being so close to the beach!”

HC: Will you miss the snow this winter or are you enjoying the California sun?

Hailey: “I'll miss winter and having four seasons.”

Larry: “I’m all about leaving winter behind.”

HC: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time in L.A.?

L&H: “Our free time is spent hanging out together, and exploring the city.”

HC: What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

Hailey: “Larry's guilty pleasure is 100% video games! While mine is Manhattan Beach creamery cupcakes.”

HC: What has been the biggest adjustment from being in a small town, to a professional athlete celebrity couple on the rise in L.A.?

Larry: “The biggest change has been the scrutiny. No matter what you do you're criticized.”

Her Campus UW is so excited to see what this couple does in the future and wishes them both the best of luck in Los Angeles. We’re rooting for you!