Justin Timberlake is the GOAT & Here's Why

After yesterday’s performance by Justin Timberlake, I know there were mixed opinions. Though I understand and respect the differing views, I was definitely impressed by the halftime show. (I’ll link it below if you haven’t seen it yet). But, I really love JT, so I wasn't surprised that I was into it all.

Watching Timberlake own the stadium last night reminded me of how much respect I have to give the man for his talents. I have been a lover of JT since his early days in *NSYNC and I love him still, almost 20 years later. It’s been so long since he started his career, so how does he manage to keep so many people interested after so long? If you ask me, he’s the jack-of-all-trades in the entertainment world and it seems there's nothing he *can't* do, which is why he's so easy to love.

I’ll start with the obvious: he’s a phenomenal musician and creator. We all know the man can sing, but he can also write the most catchy songs. After 10 albums total across *NSYNC and his solo career, he knows how to keep fans interested, staying true to his sound, but evolving it so that it attracts people to his work every single time. I love “Filthy” almost as much as I love “Rock Your Body” and they were released over 15 years apart. It’s not often artists can do this, which really shows Timberlake knows how to run the pop industry. He also takes invests a lot of time in his work, which you can see just on his Instagram alone when he posts behind-the-scenes footage and photos on his latest endeavors.

Also, need I mention his beatboxing skills? I’ll insert this clip of “Cry Me a River” just in case you’re doubting me right now:

Moving on from the musical aspect of things, he is also amazing at dancing. A ton of his music videos include mad choreography that make me swoon when I watch them. I could list every time he’s impressed me with his moves, but I’ll leave you another video to watch. He’s truly mesmerizing.

Next, JT can act, which is another surprising talent coming from a musician. I know that sounds harsh, but have you ever seen musicians really try to break into acting and actually get somewhere with it? Justin is the first to come to mind when I try to think of some examples and it’s because he’s actually pretty dang good at acting. From Friends with Benefits to kids movies like Trolls, Timberlake has quite the resume and it just goes to show all that he can do. He’s not just boxed into the musician category, which is really unique.

Going off of this, he’s also hilarious and the evidence is in his friendship with Jimmy Fallon. Their “History of Rap” series is always a classic and their little skits together like “Camp Winnipesaukee,” and how could I forget their “#Hashtag” skit?! Amazing. He's got a great sense of humor and it makes him more lovable.

Finally, he’s the most adorable family man I’ve ever seen in my life. When I found out he was getting married to Jessica Biel, I was a little bummed he’d be off the market-as if I had a chance- but after seeing his family grow, I could cry at how cute they are. Especially his relationship with Biel, who clearly loves him just as much as he loves her. They’re absolutely perfect.


Shaking off those leftovers like... Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! @jessicabiel

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Are you kidding me?!

So. Cute.


I give my ride to the #goldenglobes after party a very enthusiastic 5 rating

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The cutest couple Hollywood has to offer, TBH.

Anyways, after looking all of these qualities, it’s obvious JT is so popular because he has so many talents and is such an all-around lovable guy. It's no wonder he's such a long lasting celebrity in the entertainment industry. I think he’s still slept on to some degree, as I find few people know of all of his talents. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll see how much of an impact JT has left on the world and I can’t wait to see what else he does throughout the rest of his legacy.