Joe Haeberle: The Next Big Photographer

Major: Marketing

Year in School: Junior

Hometown: Laramie, WY

Business Name and Link: Joseph Haeberle Photography,


What drew you to photography and what is the most rewarding part of it?

The most rewarding part of photography is being able to connect to my clients on a deeper level. Being able to go from someone they didn’t know, to someone that spends their whole wedding day with them; making them smile; capturing their moments - that is an incredibly rewarding experience.



What is the most challenging, especially regarding the balance between work and school?

The largest challenge for me right now is that I completely ignore school. Why would I when I have a burning passion in my heart to go create and give? I want to tell stories; I want to live free - I feel like being in college is so against that.


How did you break into photography and success within your business?

Honestly it didn’t happen until this year for me. I’ve booked ~15 weddings a year the past two years after high school, but now I’ve booked 13 weddings (11 of them out of state, 1 of them out of the country) for 2016, not even this year. I’ve never had this happen before. I feel like my hard work is paying off and my dreams are slightly coming true. I think most of it came from networking and truly owning my craft. I chose something and I stuck with it for years and years. I don’t plan on quitting any time soon, and I think that has a whole lot to do with my success.


What is your dream for your career after college?

I’m doing it. Wedding Photography. Seriously? This kicks butt. I can’t believe I’m where I am, I can’t believe I’m telling stories the way I am. I’d love to move into commercial photography or something a little more “professional,” but I think it’s gonna take a while before I ever leave weddings. There’s just something so memorable and real about the feeling I get when I deliver a wedding, or when the bride starts crying after she relives her wedding day through my pictures. How could I want anything more?



Why did you pick UW and what’s your favorite part about it?

I picked UW because it was super cheap because of my scholarships and in-state tuition. That’s pretty much my favorite part about it. UW is great, I like the smallness of it. However, I don’t like how individualistic everyone seems to be. I wish there was more community; with that, I think UW would really be the perfect school for anyone.


How did you get such a glorious beard?

Well, I grew it myself. I never used GMO’s, this baby is 100% organic. I’m just a hairy guy.


We know you’re a hiking and outdoors enthusiast. What’s your favorite hiking spot that you’ve been to?

Lately, I’ve been mountaineering the past three weeks in the Snowys; getting to spots like Medicine Bow Peak with my friend Kevin, or Sugarloaf hill with some friends has been so great! I was also in Sacramento, CA a few weeks ago and got to hike among the giant sequoias there. WOW that was cool!! Such huge trees. It’s amazing to imagine all the things you can see on this Earth!



Who is your biggest inspiration with photography, or just life in general?

This is a rough one. My good friend Brett Brooner has been a huge influence on me because he has taught me so much. However, photographers like Jeff Newsom, Richard Avedon, and Gregory Heisler have always hit home for me. These are all shoulders that I stand on in the industry, and I want to make sure I respect them for that. Without them, the whole industry wouldn’t be where it is today.


What advice would you give underclassmen just starting out in college?

Pick something you like and just do it, do it, do it. Pack your schedule full. For me, if I’m not doing something for a few hours, I start to feel antsy and anxious. Just fill your schedule and move from moment to moment. I feel like this is a great technique to staying updated with yourself and your health, but also your mind. That is so important.


Do you have anything else you’d like our readers to know?

I’m pretty sure I’m dreaming all of this.


You can check Joe’s work out at the link above and catch him around campus rocking an awesome beard and some mad lumberjack vibes. Also, I totally know who I’m getting as wedding photographer now. Those pictures…*stunning*