Inspirational Woman for the Win - My Abuelita

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Though this post may be short, I don't think one needs many words to describe how wonderful my abuelita is, of course in a good way. Just by the way she treats people and brings people together is very inspirational for me. Abuela is Spanish for grandma and abuelita is a variation of that word, but in essence still means abuela. I've recently been able to spend more time with her, since for most of my life she has lived in Bolivia. I can't express how amazing it is to have a grandparent close by and the profound effect it has had on my life. I always make a point to see her when I am home and she has offered so many joys in my life.

Some of those joys are simple such as doing puzzles or helping her bake. Baking and cooking is such a wonderful experience I've had with her as I get to learn so many recipes from Bolivia and of course I get to eat her delicious food. She is very brave when it comes to cooking certain things and makes some recipes that I'm afraid to try without her. But nevertheless, I write down the recipes to make when she is gone and associate them with the great memories I have of making those recipes with her. Food has brought our family together by baking and cooking all day then eating it together as we're laughing and smiling. She has brought our family together more closely but I also feel closer to my grandma. This is one way she is inspirational to me.

Another way she is inspirational is by always being kind and always welcoming with open arms. She always offers tea or coffee and sweets and makes her home feel like a home for everyone. I have always walked into her house with nothing but a smile and she brings joy not just into my life but into everyone's. She is always willing to help and I believe there is nothing this woman cannot do.

Although being in college and not being able to see her as much as I like has been hard, I can always think of her or call her on the phone. I can also treasure every moment I have with her. She is inspirational in so many ways, mostly by the smile she wears everyday but also how she handles hardships and challenges. She embraces things fully and I will never be able to thank her enough for the things she has done. This may be an appreciation post for my abuelita, but it also shows how inspirational she is to me and I'm sure to many others. Shoutout to grandmas and abuelitas everywhere who are inspirational and wonderful people to be around.