I'm A Year Away From My Wedding Day & Here's What I Know


After getting engaged in August of 2017, the first thing my fiance and I had to do was come up with a date. I have to have a fall wedding so September and October were prime times for me. I also wanted to wait until I graduate (which is coming up this spring). We also did not want to push it too far out that everyone forgets for a while. We decided on September 21, 2019 for a few reasons.


1. It’s the fall equinox, so I get to do all the leaf and fall stuff that I want.

2. We’re having it on a ranch so we need to wait until the hay is cut.

3. Drew can never say that he forgets when our anniversary is because it is in a song.



So, since I am a year away from tying myself to someone for the rest of my life, here is what I know about wedding planning and marriage so far!


1) How to tell people they’re not getting a Save the Date/Invite

It’s always difficult when you’re planning a wedding to tell people you don’t plan on inviting them. Either you’re having a really small, personal wedding, or you just can’t find a purpose in having them there. I have found the best solution is just saying, “Oh we haven’t really planned out a guest list.” I have a few people that I have had to do that to because I don’t really care to have them at my wedding. Or if you’re having the small wedding, just say that it’s just really close friends and family because of money reasons. They should understand.



2) Simple Ways to Pinch Pennies

It’s always hard to be cheap on the most important day of your life, but it can be done! Listen, your wedding should be special to just you and your partner, not anyone else, they’re just there for free food. They’re going to remember how fun your reception was and how in love you two looked, not the decor or cake.

  1. Save money by putting together the bridesmaids’ bouquet with fake flowers, as well as the boutineers for the guys.

  2. Find people you’re close to that have gotten married and still have their decor. They may let you take it for free.

  3. Renting things like arches and tables is okay, but if you have the ability to DIY the arch and find someone with a bunch of tables and chairs, you’ll be set!

  4. It may hurt to skip the party favors, but people literally came to eat free food, drink free booze, and celebrate with you because you wanted them there.


3) Compromise With Your Partner

The absolute easiest way to make wedding planning easier is to compromise with your partner. I was lucky enough that Drew only wanted two specific things: To have the wedding at his grandpa’s ranch and for me to have a veil that he can lift over my face.

Involving your partner will make them feel more included. So, show them designs for invites and ideas for decor, they will really appreciate that in the long run.


4) It *Is* All About Who You Know

Here’s another way to cut price corners, TALK TO PEOPLE! If your mother’s best friend’s sister is a cake maker- get her to make your cake! There is likely to be a discount. Ask your parents and your future in-laws if they know anyone who can cater or take pictures for you. If you have a strong enough connection, you’re likely to get the service discounted or for free!



5) Buy Your Wedding Dress as Early as Possible

Not only does this help with figuring out what you like, but you’ll be more relieved when your have it. Start by looking at ideas online, probably starting at David’s Bridal to find out what styles you may want, go out and try some on, see what you like. There is a thing called Bridal Christmas, where if you order around that time period, it could take 6 months to get your dress! I already have mine in!


6) Be Careful of Who You Chose to Have By Your Side

Picking bridesmaids and groomsmen is fun but can be tricky. You might want your best friend that you’ve known forever, but she tends to be very unreliable. Or you may feel like your sister should have a place, but you haven’t spoken to her in five years. In terms of your team to have with you, they should be very reliable and trustworthy people. I have four, and very highly recommend keeping it at four or lower. Everyone’s schedules and attitudes can be a hassle sometimes, and as a busy bride, you should only have to worry about yourself.


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