I Went to My First Concert and it was Everything I Could Have Imagined

Weeks before my brother’s birthday, my sister and I were already looking for his birthday present. Now he enjoys rappers and some old rock n’ roll. While scrolling the concerts for a venue nearby, I came across a Tech N9ne concert. My brother said ‘oh that sounds fun!’. Of course when I asked really? He responded by shrugging his shoulders, but I knew he would have fun by his initial reaction. So within a couple days I had bought tickets for my brother, my sister, and I. 



I was really excited, this was actually the first official concert for all three of us. The after some driving and leaving earlier than planned (which never happens), we arrived at a beautiful venue with amazing scenes. There were three or four artists before him but they certainly set the show up for success. My sister and I didn’t know if we were going to have fun since it wasn’t exactly our style of music. Although I had a couple of Tech N9ne songs downloaded, I didn’t listen to him nearly as much as my brother did. What made this experience incredible for all of us was the live music, the bass that jolted your bones, and how much fun everyone around you was having. There was no way to be in a place like that and not sing and dance your heart out (even though I didn’t know the words) along with everybody else. 



You could tell everyone was a huge Techn9ne fan, as well as fans of the artists that came on before them. Apparently this concert was supposed to be the last for an artist that sang with Tech N9ne. BUT there was an extremely emotional moment where he decided not to leave. This was amazing to experience with the people that loved him and wanted him to stay singing with Techn9ne, including my brother. They performed for about an hour and a half and it was some of the most fun I’ve ever had. The best thing of the entire night was even before the concert started, when my brother was so excited for the concert to start, he actually gave us, his sisters, a hug. He was so grateful and we were beyond grateful to be able to help him give this experience. My sister and I couldn’t have done a better birthday present, but we all know next year we’ll have to do something even better.  



*All photos courtesy of author